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Theology and Study of Religions

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    Public Lecture Series

    Religion, Reproduction and Crises

    From digitalization of religious practices through ethical questions around human reproduction to strategies for navigating crises or the challenges of sustainable development – the new public lecture series at UZH take an interdisciplinary deep dive into important issues of the day.
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    Conspiracy Theories

    Nothing As It Seems

    Most conspiracy theories paint an absurd picture of the world. Religious studies scholars at UZH are exploring why people nevertheless believe them. According to philosopher Sebastian Schmidt, they point to a crisis of intellectual confidence.
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    Digital Religion(s)

    Praying With Alexa

    With God-like artificial intelligence and online spirituality, digital technology is changing the face of religion and faith. Religious thinking also influences how we perceive new technologies.
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    New UZH Magazin

    The Art of Learning

    Learning is itself a skill that must be learned. The best ways to do this and the requirements for success are current topics of research at UZH. The new UZH Magazin examines how our ability to learn changes over the course of our lives, how good teaching works, and what goes on in our brains when we learn. The current issue is published jointly by the University of Zurich and UZH Alumni.
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    Catching Butterflies

    Church membership is declining, but there is a proliferation of religious themes and practices in the online space. Theologian Thomas Schlag heads up the new University Research Priority Program Digital Religion(s), which examines faith in the digital realm..
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    Green Genetic Engineering

    In the Beginning Was the Popcorn

    Genetically modified crops could contribute to making agriculture more sustainable and productive, says Ueli Grossniklaus. This new green genetic engineering has so far met with skepticism – but the challenges of climate change and the global grain crisis may change people’s views.
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    UZH Magazin

    eating plants

    Researchers at UZH are exploring sustainable agriculture and the future of food, from transforming our eating habits and growing our own greens to breeding crops with new techniques, distributing seeds more fairly and farming with biodiversity in mind. The latest UZH Magazin explores how we can eat and produce food in a way that benefits both our own health and the health of our planet.
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    Aleppo Forever

    Ahmed Fatima Kzzo once documented ancient inscriptions in Aleppo that dated back to the Ottoman Empire. Shortly thereafter, large parts of his hometown were reduced to rubble. The Syrian archaeologist is currently researching at UZH under a scholarship.
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    Fall Semester 2020 Ringvorlesungen

    Lectures on Humans, Health and Pestalozzi’s Legacy

    The University of Zurich’s latest round of public Ringvorlesungen explores what it means to be human, education in the age of technology, health in a digital society, and gender in the Middle Ages. The lecture series kicks off on 15 September.
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    Covid-19-Research Projects

    “Can anyone hear me here?”

    How do UZH professors give lectures to an empty room? How have churches gotten through the crisis? The special circumstances created by the coronavirus pandemic have raised new questions for research. We present two current projects.
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    Study of Religions

    The Fate of the Nameless Dead

    What happens to boat refugees who never reach the other shore? This question preoccupies religious studies scholar Daniela Stauffacher. She researches the official treatment of and rituals performed for migration victims in southern Italy.
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    Bible Research

    Imperial God

    In the midst of their flight through the desert, the people of Israel received God’s commandments at Mount Sinai. That’s what it says in the Bible. No less dramatic is the historical background of this story. Biblical scholar Konrad Schmid is tracking it down.
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    Conference on eHealth

    “If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen”

    Digital change is also having an impact on spiritual care in hospitals, as electronic patient records and eHealth are in common use in many clinics. At a conference about eHealth and spiritual care, the topic on the agenda was the uneasy relationship between digitalization and spiritual care.
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    End of Life

    Death with Dignity: Maria’s Story

    People who suffer from dementia are unable to express themselves. They rely on outside help, particularly at the end of their lives. The research team behind the Zurich Life and Death with Advanced Dementia Study has published a guide for relatives of dementia patients.
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    World News from the Reformer

    It should be impossible to mention Zwingli without also invoking Bullinger. And yet Zurich’s second-most important reformer has remained an unknown figure. This is about to change thanks to the work of UZH researchers. Bullinger's writings are important for interpreting the events of his time, as shown by an exhibition at UZH.
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    Exhibition on Bullinger’s Correspondence

    When Lightning Struck the Grossmünster

    On 17 May, an exhibition about Swiss reformer Heinrich Bullinger will open at UZH. Peter Opitz, professor at the Institute of Swiss Reformation History, explains the significance of Bullinger for the Reformation.
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    Death and Dying

    A Legacy on Film

    The Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine is presenting a series of events devoted to the topic of film and dying. On Tuesday the discussion focused on the film Vergiss mein nicht.
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    Cinema and Scandal

    UZH historian Martin Bürgin researches films that caused an uproar – and he is bringing them back to the big screen in a special film series.
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    My Alma Mater

    Father Tobias

    Accomplished alumni look back on their studies at UZH. This time it’s the turn of Tobias Brandner, a professor of theology and prison chaplain in Hong Kong.
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    UZH Digital Society Initiative

    «This child is going to make us very proud.»

    Prominent figures from business and politics gathered in the main lecture hall to kick off the UZH Digital Society Initiative. It’s designed as a vehicle to enable the University to take a leading role in digital transformation.