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  • Europe Visits UZH

    From 19 to 21 June, the University of Zurich (UZH) will become the heart of the Una Europa European university alliance. More than 250 participants from around Europe will come together for the Una Europa General Assembly, on the theme of One Earth, One Future. The aim is to break down barriers and to build a shared University of the Future.
  • “Making the catalysts work for us”

    “The scientific strides we’ve made will hopefully allow us to kick-start the long-awaited technology of producing energy from artificial photosynthesis,” says director Greta Patzke in describing what’s been achieved thanks to the URPP LightChEC.
  • «Climate change and biodiversity are closely connected»

    The third World Biodiversity Forum (WBF), organised by UZH, is taking place in Davos this week. In this interview, UZH earth system scientists Maria J. Santos and Gabriela Schaepman-Strub explain how biodiversity and climate change influence each other and what needs to be done to overcome the climate and biodiversity crisis.
  • Gender Minorities Experience More Discrimination

    June is the month of Pride, a celebration of the LGBTIQ+ community and its achievements. The Swiss LGBTIQ+ Panel sheds light on the situation of queer people in Switzerland.
  • “The basis is mutual respect”

    UZH President Michael Schaepman emphasizes the key role of differentiated, open dialogue in the Middle East conflict. In the interview he also talks about the importance of showing empathy.
  • Human Brains Can Tell Deepfake Voices from Real Ones

    Do our brains process natural voices and deepfake voices differently? Research conducted at the University of Zurich indicates that this is the case. In a new study, researchers have identified two brain regions that respond differently to natural and deepfake voices.

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UZH Magazin: Healthy Women, Healthy Men

Many diseases manifest differently in women and men. The symptoms for heart disease, stroke, depression and cancer can look very different depending on your sex. Researchers in the field of gender medicine are looking into these gender-specific differences.


Visual "UZH Research Spotlight"

Seeds from the Vault

Researchers at UZH are freezing the seeds of threatened local plants to help increase the biodiversity of ecosystems in the future.


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