• thommen

    Free download

    “Open access publishing can’t be stopped”

    Professor of criminal law Marc Thommen has joined forces with 13 of his colleagues to bring out Switzerland’s first-ever textbook about law published in open access. The freely accessible publication can be downloaded online for free. More …

  • Campus

    Ready for the Future

    In the first issue of the UZH Journal in 2019, we take a look at the study reforms in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. From the Fall Semester 2019 onwards, students can look forward to a revamped study experience. The new structure of the study programs has sharpened the profile of UZH’s Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. More …

  • Children's University of Zurich

    Children’s Universities on the Nile

    There are 34 children’s universities in Egypt. Sybille Leuthold, head of the Children’s University of Zurich, was a guest of honor at their recent meeting in Cairo. Read about her impressions in our interview. More …

  • Global History

    Glimpses of East Asia

    UZH’s chair for global history has introduced a podcast series in cooperation with partners from across Europe. It provides listeners with fascinating insights into the history and historiography of East Asia, from the 16th century to the present. More …

  • Autobiographies

    Web of Stories

    There are many different ways of looking back on your life. One example is writing an autobiography. The website meet-my-life.net guides people wishing to put the story of their lives into words. Earlier this week, the best autobiographies were awarded prizes at an event held in UZH’s main lecture hall. More …

  • Spotlight

    Embracing the Wilderness

    Ecologist Florian Altermatt has presided over the Swiss Biodiversity Forum since the beginning of the year. He’s committed to researching biodiversity and facilitating the cooperation of scientists and policy-makers. More …

  • Karin Kneissl at UZH

    “The region is very close to us indeed”

    Migration has brought the Middle East much closer, said Austrian foreign minister Karin Kneissl in her lecture at UZH. At the same time, Europe is losing influence in the Middle East while China strengthens its presence in Syria. More …

  • My Alma Mater

    Across Borders

    Swiss diplomat Christine Schraner Burgener has been the United Nations Special Envoy on Myanmar since last spring. A law degree from the University of Zurich formed the basis for her exceptional career. More … 1 Comment

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