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    UZH Robotics Research Leads the Way

    Davide Scaramuzza has been awarded the IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu Award. In the interview below, the professor of robotics and perception explains why a drone needs agility and low latency and which progress is needed to improve the autonomy of drones in the future.
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    Gender medicine

    The Thing with Mice

    For many years, the male mouse was thought to be the measure of all things in pre-clinical research. Over time, scientists have come to realize that it is medically necessary to work with experimental animals of both sexes.
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    How Japan Reached Out to the World

    What role did Japanese migrants play in the emergence of modern Japan in the 19th century? Martin Dusinberre reconstructs the voyages of the Yamashiro-maru steamship and re-examines methods of historical scholarship.
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    Gender medicine

    Protective Genes

    Men are more likely to develop and die of cancer, and most types of cancer affect more men than women. This is not only down to genes, but also behavior.
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    Evolutionary Biology

    Limited Adaptability Makes Freshwater Bacteria Vulnerable to Climate Change

    Freshwater bacteria with small genomes frequently undergo prolonged periods of adaptive stagnation. Based on genomic analyses of samples from European lakes, UZH researchers uncovered the surprising evolutionary strategies. Understanding these evolutionary dynamics is key to safeguarding ecosystem services.
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    Population Genetics

    The Roots of the Mapuche

    The ancestors of the Mapuche people settled in South America more than 5,000 years ago. For a long time, they lived in relative isolation and in defiance of the Incas and Spanish. A notable study aids our understanding of their genetic history, and that of South America.
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    Precision Medicine

    Fighting Cancer with SMARTdrugs

    With “SMARTdrugs” a team of researchers from UZH with international partners aims to create a new class of therapies: “radiotheranostics”. These drugs combine diagnostic and therapeutic radionuclides in a supramolecular compound with the purpose of imaging and treating tumors.
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    Depression Therapy for Men

    Learn to cry

    Male sufferers of depression seek much less psychological counseling than depressed women do. That has to do with the gender roles that we learn as children, Andreas Walther says. The psychologist is developing a therapy for depression specifically tailored to men.
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    Teaching award

    Flying High with Carl

    Marc Thommen was presented with the UZH teaching award at this year’s Dies academicus. With his interactive approach to teaching, the criminal law expert succeeds in creating a conducive learning environment that gets students to ask questions, engage in discussion and challenge ideas – even in large lectures.
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    191. Dies academicus

    Bridge Building, Good Governance and Grumpy Professors

    UZH celebrated the 191st anniversary of its founding last Saturday. Daniel Jositsch, a member of the Council of States, held an opening address that humorously touched on the role of politics and science.
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    Dies academicus

    Honorary Doctorates for Four Women and Three Men

    As the University of Zurich celebrates its 191st anniversary this weekend, honorary doctorates are awarded to legal scholar Michal Gal, behavioral economist Iris Bohnet, veterinarian Polly Taylor, particle physicist Beate Heinemann, historian Oded Lipschits, economist Douglas Bernheim and sci-fi author Kim Stanley Robinson.
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    Prix Schläfli (SCNAT)

    Giving Turtles a Voice

    For a long time, turtles were regarded as largely voiceless creatures. In his dissertation, Gabriel Jorgewich-Cohen has shown that they definitely do communicate acoustically. The postdoctoral researcher at the UZH Department of Paleontology has been awarded the Prix Schläfli in Biology.
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    UZH Acquires Important Richard Wagner Manuscript

    The University of Zurich has made a spectacular acquisition of an important manuscript by Richard Wagner (1812 to 1883). In Eine Mitteilung an meine Freunde (“A Message to My Friends”), the composer takes autobiographical and artistic stock and looks to the future. The manuscript, which was written in Zurich, will now undergo further scholarly analysis at UZH.
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    Representative Bodies

    Helping shape UZH

    On 24 May, UZH staff get to vote for their representatives on various UZH bodies. Applications can be submitted until 10 May.
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    Sexual Harassment Awareness Day

    “We want to help raise awareness”

    The number of reported cases of sexual harassment has increased over the past few years, according to the statistics by UZH’s committee for the protection against sexual harassment. We met with professor of law Brigitte Tag to discuss why this is the case and what UZH is doing to combat sexual harassment.
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    Updated Leadership and Management Principles

    Achieving Healthy Leadership Together

    UZH has updated its Leadership and Management Principles, providing all employees with a shared frame of reference for developing UZH’s leadership culture.
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    Study program “Biodiversity”

    Master’s Program in Biodiversity to Launch in the 2024 Fall Semester

    The new Bachelor’s program in biodiversity – the first of its kind in German-speaking countries – launched at UZH last fall. Following its success, with more than 140 students enrolled, the Master’s program in biodiversity will be offered for the first time starting this Fall Semester.
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    Business Administration

    CEOs’ Human Concern Translates into Higher Stock Price

    CEOs’ expressions of empathy correlate with positive stock performance, a study led by the University of Zurich shows. The researchers analyzed data from conference calls between CEOs and financial analysts during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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    Political Science

    Less Hate Online

    When wars break out in places such as Gaza or Ukraine, hate comments have a field day. They poison the debate on the internet and are a threat to democracy. Political scientist Karsten Donnay is looking into how to also establish social norms online.
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    Culture-Specific Trauma Responses in Switzerland

    According to a new study, the culture-specific sequelae of trauma found in Switzerland align with the norms of a competitive and individualistic society. Post-traumatic coping strategies in Switzerland tend to involve closer connections to nature.
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