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Archive Law 2022

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  • Human Reproduction Reloaded | H2R

    Should Egg Donation Be Legalized in Switzerland

    A motion has been submitted calling for the legalization of egg donation in Switzerland. Physician Brigitte Leeners and lawyer Andrea Büchler explain why they believe legalization is the way to go.
  • New UZH Magazin

    The Art of Learning

    Learning is itself a skill that must be learned. The best ways to do this and the requirements for success are current topics of research at UZH. The new UZH Magazin examines how our ability to learn changes over the course of our lives, how good teaching works, and what goes on in our brains when we learn. The current issue is published jointly by the University of Zurich and UZH Alumni.
  • Swiss Science Prize Latsis

    “Improved access to medicine and innovative technologies”

    Lawyer and medic Kerstin Noëlle Vokinger has been awarded the Swiss Science Prize Latsis, worth CHF 100,000. The award is made annually to a junior researcher under the age of 40. The professor of public law and digitalization at the University of Zurich is a woman of many talents. She studied law and medicine in parallel and earned doctorates in both disciplines.
  • WTO Moot Court Competition

    Fab Four Dazzle in Moot Court

    Four UZH students emerged victorious from the international John H. Jackson Moot Court, which simulates a hearing of a fictitious case between two World Trade Organization members. The successful students, the first winners ever from UZH, had to present their arguments before a panel of experts at the WTO.
  • Crypto Art

    Digital Ferraris

    Crypto art fever is lighting up tech communities and the traditional art world alike, fueling intense speculation. An interdisciplinary conference organized by UZH will examine the phenomenon from artistic, technological and legal perspectives.
  • Research Funding

    Boost for One Health and Quantitative Legal Research

    With its new funding instrument, TRANSFORM, UZH is laying the groundwork for innovation across the whole university. The Institute of One Health Research and the Center for Legal Data Science are set to receive seed funding of around CHF 2.7 million in total over the next four years.
  • Reproductive Medicine

    Surrogacy in Ukraine

    Advances in medical technology are expanding the possibilities for humans to have a child. Recently, two visiting scientists from Ukraine have been contributing their expertise to the URPP Human Reproduction Reloaded.
  • Honorary Doctorate for Hanna Machińska

    A Lifelong Commitment to Human Rights

    Last Saturday, UZH awarded honorary doctorates to seven outstanding scholars, including Hanna Machińska, Poland’s deputy commissioner for human rights. The lawyer and social activist is currently campaigning to protect the rights of Ukrainian refugees in Poland.
  • FAN Award

    Antibiotic Resistance, Occupational Pensions and Secularism in Bangladesh

    Kira Schmitt, Michael E. Meier and Mascha Schulz have won this year's FAN Awards for their outstanding research work. The three junior researchers explored antibiotic resistance in small animal clinics, occupational pensions, and secularism and religion in Bangladesh.