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  • Forensic Medicine

    Gantenbein's Shot

    With virtually reconstructed crime scenes, suspects, lawyers and judges are instantly transported to the spot where it all took place – and clues to the crime are revealed.
  • Privacy

    Privacy on the Web

    Modern technologies are dangerous. Does this mean that individuals should be as seamlessly protected as possible? UZH professor of law Florent Thouvenin believes that this, the current approach to data protection, is misguided.
  • Technology and Philosophy

    Der Hype um die künstliche Intelligenz

    What are the philosophical questions that we need to debate in connection with artificial intelligence? UZH sociologist of law Christoph Graber organized a workshop on this topic at UZH in cooperation with Harvard University.
  • Law and Ethics

    Surrogacy and Child Protection

    Surrogacy has become a trans-national industry. At UZH, an international group of experts has come together to develop principles for the protection of the children involved. In this interview, UZH professor of law Andrea Büchler discusses the challenges.