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  • FAN Awards 2021

    Neues Mikroskop, Sprache im Alter und Menschenrechte

    This year’s FAN Awards have gone to Fabian Voigt, Minxia Luo and Angela Müller. In their outstanding PhD theses, the junior researchers explore a new specialist microscope, language use in old age and the extraterritorial application of human rights.
  • Reproductive Medicine

    Children Not Allowed – Sperm Donors and Surrogate Mothers

    The new possibilities offered by reproductive medicine give rise to thorny ethical and legal questions: Should people be helped to have children? If so, under what conditions?
  • Debate Law and Literature

    Creons' Dichotomy

    Law is a cultural asset that has been fought for over centuries. Narratives help us bring order to communal life. Philosopher of law Matthias Mahlmann and author Lukas Bärfuss discuss the many connections between law and literature.