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  • Change in Master’s System at Law School

    Change in Master’s System at Law School

    Law degrees at UZH are set to be overhauled and become more practical. The changes, which mainly affect the Master’s program, will come into effect in the Fall Semester of 2021.
  • Climate Change and Banking

    Can Banking Regulation Address Climate Change?

    Policymakers are tasked with keeping a close eye on systemic risks to financial stability. But banking’s regulators seem to have a blind spot when it comes to climate change and the financial risks it poses.
  • Stalking

    “You belong to me”

    Is better legal protection against stalking needed in Switzerland? UZH doctoral candidate Aurelia Gurt is researching this politically hot topic.
  • Criminal Law

    Shady Dealings in Protected Species

    The illegal trade in animals and plants is a highly profitable and low-risk business. Due to inconsistent application and lax enforcement of laws in many countries, criminals get an easy ride. Students at UZH are looking for solutions to the problem.