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Are you still looking for a good read for your summer holiday? Take our summer quiz and find out about remarkable, surprising and fun facts from the University of Zurich. The UZH News team is off into the summer break. We hope you enjoy your summer!

Nathalie Huber

Drink, Bücher, Meer, Sommerferien
Sun, fun and thrilling reading! The UZH News editorial team wishes you a relaxing summer. (Image: iStock / gawriloff)

Take part and win a high-quality bath towel in UZH design (see below). Send your answers by 4 August to the UZH News editorial team: One answer per question is correct. The solution and the winners will be announced on 12 August.


1 – UZH physicists are doing research deep underground in the Italian Gran Sasso mountains. What did they discover there with the XENON1T detector?

A Dark matter particles

B A new atom

C The decay of the Xenon-124 atom

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2 – How many lecture halls and students will the future center for education and research FORUM UZH hold?

A 9 lecture halls and 6,500 students 

B 7 lecture halls and 4,000 students

C 13 lecture halls and 10,000 students

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3 – UZH is the international reference laboratory for chlamydiae, which can be transmitted from pigs to humans. What exactly are chlamydiae?

A Fungi

B Viruses

C Bacteria

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4 – What caused the development of labiodentals, i.e. sounds such as “f” and “v” where the lower lip touches the upper teeth?

A A diet of softer foods

B A diet of harder foods

C A reduction in the number of teeth

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Schimpanse fischt Krabben
5 – What is this chimpanzee doing? (Image: Kathelijne Koops)

A He’s cleaning his fingernails.

B He’s fishing for crabs.

C He’s contemplating his reflection in the water.

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6 – UZH is leading the National Center of Competence in Research Kidney.CH, where researchers focus among other things on the question of why some kidneys form stones and what the best way is to prevent them. Who’s more likely to suffer from kidney stones?

A Women

B Men

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7 – This spring UZH hosted an international congress on the works of Gottfried Keller. What is his connection to UZH?

A Gottfried Keller studied at UZH.

B Gottfried Keller was a professor of literature at UZH.

C Gottfried Keller left virtually his entire estate to UZH.

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Campus Irchel
8 – Visitors to Irchel Campus can now explore a new feature in Irchel Park. What is it? (Image: Manfred Richter)

A A nature trail that provides information on the flora and fauna 

B A climbing park

C An outdoor fitness park 

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9 – Chemist Sandra Luber is researching artificial photosynthesis. What approach is she focusing on?

A She is examining how to transform CO2 molecules into sugar molecules using special enzymes.

B She is examining the artificial splitting of water into oxygen and hydrogen using specific catalysts. 

C She is examining artificial leaves that imitate photosynthesis using synthetic coloring.

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10 – The chair for Nordic language and literature at UZH celebrated an anniversary this spring. Which one?

A 100th anniversary

B 50th anniversary

C 20th anniversary

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UZH-Badetuch auf Wiese
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Nathalie Huber, Editor UZH News; English translation by Philip Isler, UZH Communications

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