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    Permanent professorship

    UZH to Create Chair of Allergology and Asthma in Davos

    The Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research (SIAF) in Davos is to be significantly strengthened with the creation of a Chair of Allergology and Asthma. An agreement on this was announced on 21 June 2024 by representatives of the Graubünden government and the UZH.
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    Paul Karrer Medal

    “You have to be a champion of failure”

    Katalin Karikó visited the University of Zurich to accept the Paul Karrer Medal. The Hungarian-born biochemist has faced numerous setbacks in her groundbreaking mRNA research before winning the Nobel Prize in 2023.
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    New issue of the UZH Magazine

    Tipping Points and Sleeping Beauties

    Climate change is putting a lot of stress on the Earth’s ecosystems. The potential collapse of these ecosystems will have serious consequences for life on our planet. The latest UZH Magazin explores the links between climate change and biodiversity and how nature’s ingenuity could help us adapt to the changing environment.
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    URPP LightChEC

    “Making the catalysts work for us”

    “The scientific strides we’ve made will hopefully allow us to kick-start the long-awaited technology of producing energy from artificial photosynthesis,” says director Greta Patzke in describing what’s been achieved thanks to the URPP LightChEC.
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    Evolutionary Botany

    Interaction with Insects Accelerates Plant Evolution

    A team of researchers at UZH has discovered that plants benefit from a greater variety of interactions with pollinators and herbivores and evolve to be better adapted to different types of soil.
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    35 Years of Gender Equality at UZH

    From Women’s Advancement to Diversity and Inclusion

    UZH looks back on 35 years of gender equality efforts, from the early days of women’s advancement to the current work of the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity.
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    UZH Digital

    AI Buddy and Networked Data

    After launching its digital strategy around a year ago, UZH has now set priorities for its implementation.
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    Digital Transformation

    “With each other, not alongside each other”

    Artificial intelligence and big data are changing society fast. Harald Gall, Claudia Witt and Lena Jäger discuss the digital transformation at UZH.
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    World Biodiversity Forum 2024

    “Climate change and biodiversity are closely connected”

    The third World Biodiversity Forum (WBF), organized by UZH, is taking place in Davos this week. In this interview, UZH earth system scientists Maria J. Santos and Gabriela Schaepman-Strub explain how biodiversity and climate change influence each other and what needs to be done to overcome the climate and biodiversity crisis.
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    Animal research

    “We now have robust figures”

    Five percent of all therapies tested on animals end up being approved for use in human medicine. The Center for Reproducible Science at UZH has published a large systematic review study showing how well results from animal research translate into medical advances for humans.
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    URPP Evolution in Action: From Genomes to Ecosystems

    “UZH is a leader in evolutionary biology research”

    How do organisms and pathogens evolve and adapt to the environment? This was the question that the URPP Evolution in Action sought to address. The program allowed UZH to put its considerable research competence in evolutionary biology to excellent use, says the initiator and former co-director Beat Keller.
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    Gender Equality Linked to Men Eating More Meat

    In wealthier countries with greater gender equality, men are more likely to eat meat more frequently than women, a new study reveals. The findings could inform strategies for promoting plant-based and cultured meat as viable alternatives to traditional meat consumption.
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    Gender Minorities Experience More Discrimination

    June is the month of Pride, a celebration of the LGBTIQ+ community and its achievements. The Swiss LGBTIQ+ Panel sheds light on the situation of queer people in Switzerland.
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    Una Europa General Assembly

    Europe Visits UZH

    From 19 to 21 June, the University of Zurich (UZH) will become the heart of the Una Europa European university alliance. More than 250 participants from around Europe will come together for the Una Europa General Assembly, on the theme of One Earth, One Future. The aim is to break down barriers and to build a shared University of the Future.
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    Speech Sciences

    Human Brains Can Tell Deepfake Voices from Real Ones

    Do our brains process natural voices and deepfake voices differently? Research conducted at the University of Zurich indicates that this is the case. In a new study, researchers have identified two brain regions that respond differently to natural and deepfake voices.
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    Brain research

    First Week after Birth Is Critical for Development of Senses

    UZH researchers have found that the maturation of the senses for smell and touch is closely linked in mice and that this strong interaction takes place within a narrow developmental time window. The findings underline the importance of environmental stimuli for brain assembly in early life and the interdependent development of the senses.
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    Summary of the completed URPP ‘Language and Space’

    Setting New Standards through Interdisciplinary Research

    Elvira Glaser, co-founder of the recently concluded University Research Priority Program Language and Space, takes stock and tells us what surprised her the most over the course of the 12-year research period.
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    Media Research / Political Sciences

    Interventions against Misinformation also Increase Skepticism toward Reliable Sources

    Efforts to tackle false information through fact-checking or media literacy initiatives increases the public’s skepticism toward “fake news”. However, they also breed distrust in genuine, fact-based news sources, a UZH-led study shows.
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    Peers Crucial in Shaping Boys’ Confidence in Math Skills

    A study from the University of Zurich has analyzed the social mechanisms that contribute to the gender gap in math confidence. While peer comparisons seem to play a crucial role for boys, girls’ subjective evaluations are more likely to be based on objective performance.
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    Reproducible Research

    Scientific Community Reflects on Fundamental Research Standards

    Reproducible research results is a key standard in the sciences. At the inaugural Swiss Reproducibility Conference, researchers will discuss the best ways to meet this requirement – including how to cope with growing data volumes and the pressure to publish.
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