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UZH’s revamped website not only looks fresher, but also has a new content structure. This provides students, employees and prospective students with a better overview and easier access to information.
Roger Stupf


Macbook with new website for students
Since yesterday, the UZH websites appear in a new look: The picture shows the new platform for students.

The UZH website has a new fresh look, that much is obvious. But the redesign also comes with a few changes to its content. The Communications Office has made a few structural adjustments so that the information on the UZH website is more geared toward the various target groups.

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Macbook with new website for students
New navigation options: To the website for students or staff with a single click.

The revamped website has two important new buttons in the header section: For students and For staff. This means that students and employees of the University of Zurich can now more easily access the information that is relevant to them.

The website for students has been rebuilt so that all university-wide information aimed at students can now be found in one place ( In addition to the usual administrative information, this section of the website provides UZH students with information about counseling services, addresses and aspects of campus life as well as news articles about studying at UZH.

In the coming months, the website for employees ( will also be expanded and enhanced with information from other organizational units.

A new filter allows to easily search for various study programs.

Meanwhile, UZH’s public website – the so-called corporate website – is now more strongly geared towards prospective students. The new Studies section features key information when it comes to deciding on a course of study at UZH. A new function helps prospective students filter through the wide range of courses on offer, making it easier for them to find the right course of study. However, the corporate website is still aimed at the general public, making UZH’s research and services more visible.

What are your thoughts on the new design? Let us know:
Your feedback on the new design