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A Fresh Look for UZH’s Website

UZH is updating the design of its website on 12 April 2023. Thanks to its user-friendly navigation, generous layout and easy-to-read font, the new website looks fresh and inviting – especially on mobile devices.
UZH Communications


Bigger, airier, more modern: this is what the UZH website will soon look like.

It’s no secret that the design of UZH’s website is a bit dated. But the university’s websites will now get a brand-new look. A few days after Easter, all of the university’s web content will be carried over into the new design, almost at the push of a button, with minimal adjustments required by web administrators at UZH.

More open space

Special attention was paid to how the new design will appear on mobile devices. All pages are now responsive, which means that they automatically adapt to the size of the screen. The new design generally has a lighter, airier feel than before, with content at the heart of the design. This is also reflected in a new font, which ensures optimum readability on the screen, generous white space and a simplified page structure. The navigation also follows a new, user-friendly concept and is the same on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

The new design is being implemented in UZH’s existing content management system (CMS), Magnolia. The CMS team of the Central IT has developed new page templates for this purpose and renewed the technical foundations for generating the pages. The design of the pages as well as user guidance was developed by Dept, a local Zurich agency, on behalf of the Communications Office. HTML templates are available for websites and web applications outside the central CMS so that UZH units can adapt them to the new design.

Changes to corporate design

Consistent corporate design across all channels aims to improve UZH’s recognition and strengthen its brand. Based on the design elements of the UZH website, the university’s corporate design will also be adapted in the areas of correspondence, publications, presentations, social media and newsletters. These new templates are expected to be available in the fall. Changes mainly concern the naming of UZH units (which will be more prominently positioned) and the use of the Google font Source Sans Pro. The UZH logo, the signaling, the UZH blue corporate color, the corporate font TheSans (in logo and signaling) or official documents such as diplomas or certificates will remain the same.

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