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57 Semester Awards for Students

This year’s Tag der Lehre at UZH focused on the topic of digitalization. The celebratory highlight was the presentation of 57 semester awards for students’ outstanding work.

David Werner

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President Michael Hengartner and Vice President Gabriele Siegert with the students who received a semester award for outstanding work. (Image: Frank Brüderli)


“Digitalization is changing the world, and that includes university teaching,” said President Michael Hengartner in his speech. The President proudly mentioned the 18 new professorships being created at UZH under the umbrella of the Digital Society Initiative. The reason for creating these professorships was not just to promote research in various aspects of digitalization – they were also expected to bring about innovation in teaching at UZH, said the President.

Reflection on innovative teaching

Tag der Lehre has taken place annually at UZH since 2009, with the aim of fostering dialogue between students and teachers and encouraging reflection on teaching and learning methods at UZH. At this year’s event – the 10th edition – the focus was on digitalization. The many aspects of the topic were discussed and debated at individual events held all around the university. Subjects included library research, online exams, multimedia text analysis and machine learning. Also on the program was a discussion taking a critical look at the media.

As in previous years, the general closing event of Tag der Lehre took place in the main lecture hall. Gabriele Siegert, Vice President Education and Student Affairs, hosted the event and presented some particularly innovative ideas and teaching projects going on at UZH. For example, the Calibrated Peer Reviewing tool developed by the Department of Geography and supported by UZH’s competitive teaching project provides a method and software to improve the writing skills of students in courses with many participants. Another innovative tool supported by UZH is a gamification e-learning tool for biomedical ethics, in which students can learn about approaches to ethical dilemmas in a playful manner.

Digital treasure hunt

The celebratory highlight of Tag der Lehre was the presentation of the semester awards. A total of 57 students received awards for their work. Also honored were graduates of the Teaching Skills further education program and of the CAS in Higher Education Teaching. The popular Dave Ruosch Trio rounded off the evening with their smooth jazz sounds.

At the end of the formalities, attendees made their way downstairs to the Lichthof for a drinks reception – following a digital treasure hunt to help them find the way.


Teaching Award 2019

Every year, the University of Zurich presents a teaching award to a member of its teaching staff. The award is given to somebody who has excelled in a particular area of university teaching thanks to their special qualities. The motto of the 2019 award is “Dialogue – with whom do you discuss things best?” Nominations for the teaching award are made by UZH students. Votes can be cast online until 23 November. The winner of the 2019 teaching award will be announced at the Dies academicus on 27 April 2019.

David Werner, Head of Storytelling & Inhouse Media. English Translation by Caitlin Stephens, UZH Communications.

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