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    Una Europa General Assembly

    Europe Visits UZH

    From 19 to 21 June, the University of Zurich (UZH) will become the heart of the Una Europa European university alliance. More than 250 participants from around Europe will come together for the Una Europa General Assembly, on the theme of One Earth, One Future. The aim is to break down barriers and to build a shared University of the Future.
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    Reproducible Research

    Scientific Community Reflects on Fundamental Research Standards

    Reproducible research results is a key standard in the sciences. At the inaugural Swiss Reproducibility Conference, researchers will discuss the best ways to meet this requirement – including how to cope with growing data volumes and the pressure to publish.
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    Conclusion University Research Priority Programs

    Time to Take Stock and Think Ahead

    UZH’s University Research Priority Programs tackle pressing societal problems. They enable researchers to apply their expertise in selected research fields and help them develop long-term solutions. The programs of the second series have now concluded, with an event marking the occasion last week.
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    Science and Nature Festival

    Experience research up close and personal

    On Saturday, 8 June, the Science and Nature Festival will take place on UZH’s Irchel Campus. Keeping with the spirit of the event’s motto – Discover | Research | Celebrate Diversity – visitors can get inspired by the world of science for an entire afternoon.
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    UZH Delegation in Washington D.C.

    On a Mission for Biodiversity Partnerships

    US institutions are among UZH’s most important partners in research and development. To foster academic exchange, the UZH President visited important cooperation partners with a group of scientists. The thematic focus was on the areas of global change and biodiversity.
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    Symposium on stem cells

    Strengthening Ties with Japan

    UZH and Kyoto University work together closely in the field of stem cell research. As part of this collaboration, a high-level conference is taking place in Zurich this week with researchers from both countries. The event was organized by stem cell researcher Melanie Generali.
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    University museums / exhibitions

    UZH Opens New Natural History Museum with Four Dinosaurs

    The new Natural History Museum of the University of Zurich brings together zoology, paleontology, anthropology and botany under the same roof. The museum opens with four new dinosaur skeletons and various other additions that shine a light on how evolution and biodiversity have shaped life on our planet.
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    Collegium Helveticum

    Tax History

    Historian Madeline Woker is conducting research into tax (in)justice as a fellow at the Collegium Helveticum. Last Friday, she organised a panel discussion with the economist Gabriel Zucman, who has published the “Global Tax Evasion Report 2024”.
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    World Health Organization WHO

    On such a full sea

    The University of Zurich maintains close ties with the World Health Organization. In a speech at UZH last week, the WHO’s chief scientist Sir Jeremy Farrar made an appeal for more social cohesion. For Farrar, universities have an important role to play here.
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    Public Lecture Series

    Religion, Reproduction and Crises

    From digitalization of religious practices through ethical questions around human reproduction to strategies for navigating crises or the challenges of sustainable development – the new public lecture series at UZH take an interdisciplinary deep dive into important issues of the day.
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    Cross-Stitch Technique or Childhood Memory?

    Elaborately embroidered textiles from the Negev desert are on display at the Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zurich from the end of November.
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    Inaugural symposium

    Focus on One Health

    The establishment of the One Health Institute at UZH is well under way. An inaugural symposium will be held on 21 September, focusing on the two key research areas, epidemiology and evolution.
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    Symposium in Honor of K. Alex Müller

    “We unleashed an avalanche”

    On 21 September, UZH is hosting a symposium in honor of the late physicist and Nobel laureate K. Alex Müller. Ahead of the event, we shine a spotlight on the discovery that earned Müller the Nobel Prize and speak with two of his close colleagues.
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    Scientifica 23: What holds the world together

    On the weekend of 2-3 September, visitors can experience science up close and personal at interactive exhibition stands, shows and workshops and exchange ideas with researchers.
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    Special exhibition Bits, Bytes & Biodiversity

    Using AI Against Biodiversity Loss

    The UZH special exhibition Bits, Bytes & Biodiversity in the Swiss National Park highlights promising digital methods in ecology – but also points out that conservation projects only work if they are supported by everyone.
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    International Collaboration

    Kyoto Symposium

    How can artificial intelligence help improve medical diagnoses? This was one of the topics of the joint symposium of UZH and Kyoto University, which ended successfully yesterday.
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    Looted Cultural Heritage Objects from Imperial-Era China

    A new exhibition at the Ethonographic Museum shines a light on objects looted during the 1900/01 Boxer Rebellion in China that eventually ended up in museums and collections across the West.
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    Collecting and Selling as a Business Model and Relationship Building

    A workspace exhibition at the Ethnographic Museum examines the commercial collecting practices of Borys Malkin, using objects and contemporary documents that came to Zurich in 1969.
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    Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

    Looking at the Bigger Picture

    Covid infections are on the rise again. Time for UZH epidemiologists Milo Puhan and Viktor von Wyl to take stock and look ahead. With video.
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    World Biodiversity Forum

    Reversing the Trend

    At the World Biodiversity Forum in Davos this week, the focus is on how to slow down species loss and protect ecosystems. The UZH-organized conference aims to inspire action by bringing together researchers and practitioners.