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Long Night of Careers

Starting Your Career

The effects of the digital revolution are being seen everywhere – including in jobseeking and recruitment. At the Long Night of Careers taking place this week on 22 November, you can get lots of useful tips for planning your career. Here’s a sneak preview.


What is the best way to apply for jobs in the digital age? Valentina Magni of UZH Career Services gives some tips. (Video: Barbara Krieger; in German)


Chatbots and robots, applicant tracking systems and CV parsing: The HR departments of big companies are increasingly turning to digital tools in their recruitment processes. What this means for the application process is one of the many topics on the agenda at the upcoming Long Night of Careers at the University of Zurich.

This major event offers students the opportunity to find out about their career prospects, get to know interesting employers, glean tips for successful job hunting and talk to UZH alumni, all in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

Varied program

In total around 50 individual events are taking place in the one evening: Talks, panel debates, photo-shootings, games, advice clinics and much more.

The University of Zurich’s Career Services team have been organizing the annual Long Night of the Careers since 2014. It has proved an extremely popular event, with over 1,000 visitors each year.