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“I’m looking for some inspiration”

Sociology or cultural analysis? Computational or comparative linguistics? At the Master’s information event in mid-November, Bachelor’s students from the third semester or above could find out about selected Master’s degree programs at UZH. In the video, some students tell us which Master they could choose.

Priska Feichter

Which study program is the right one for me? At the Master's information event, students can find out which Master's programs are available at UZH. (Video: Priska Feichter // Video in German)


Deciding which Master’s program to pursue isn’t easy, since there are so many to choose from. Across all levels, the University of Zurich offers more than 100 degree programs, ranging from earth sciences and communications to political science and philosophy. 

Making an informed decision

The available subjects are as varied as the needs of the students. Sociology student Nils was at the event to learn about the new Master’s programs that combine aspects of digital change and sociology. History student Corina, in contrast, is fairly certain of where she’s headed, but came to clarify a few administrative questions. 

But both students have already taken an important step, since planning your studies at an early stage is a crucial part of the process, as Roger Gfrörer, Head of Career Services, emphasized in his opening talk: “Choosing a Master’s degree program is a key step of transitioning to your professional or academic future. Ideally, you should make an informed decision about the direction you want to take. In our experience, students who plan this step are more likely to succeed than those who make this decision on a whim.”

Stay the course or change direction?

This decision is about more than simply choosing a field of study. For example, students have to consider whether they want to stay the course or head in a new direction. Should I choose a degree program that builds on the knowledge gained during my Bachelor studies? Should I opt for a specialized Master’s program? Or do I take advantage of the Bologna system and focus on a new subject area? 

Leonie, five semesters into her Chinese studies, is considering the latter and could imagine changing her subject. She came to the event to get an overview of the programs available in some of the other fields: “I’m here looking for some inspiration.”

Marc on the other hand is considering a third option: He’s currently studying for his Bachelor’s degree at the University of St. Gallen and is interested in the double degree study programs at UZH’s Faculty of Law. These study programs are organized in cooperation with other universities, most of which are abroad. “It’d be exciting to combine studying with a stay abroad and be able to improve my language skills.”

Priska Feichter, Head of Social Media UZH. English translation by Philip Isler, UZH Communications.

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