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Research on a Global Scale: Learning from Each Other

UZH researchers work with partners around the world on medical, legal, social, economic and political issues and questions. The newest issue of the UZH Magazin, out now in German, shines a light on these global collaborations. As usual, a selection of articles from the magazine will be published here in English over the coming weeks.
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UZH researcher collaborate with partners around the world on important medical, social, legal, economic and political challenges. Picture: rabies vaccination in Uganda.

In a globalized world, challenges such as pandemics and climate change do not respect national borders. In addition, many economic, societal and political issues, such as AI regulation, require international solutions. Against this backdrop, conducting research on a global scale is a must. Researchers around the world work together and share knowledge on pressing questions, but at the same time, they are in competition with one another. The basic principle to be followed is that everyone can learn from each other.

The new UZH Magazin takes global research as its theme, presenting projects from a variety of disciplines in which research is conducted with partners worldwide on important medical, social, legal, economic and political challenges. For example, UZH legal scholars are exploring possibilities for AI regulation with colleagues from Japan, Australia, Israel and Brazil; in Africa, veterinary epidemiologists and economists from Zurich are working with local partners on three different research projects; and UZH natural scientists working on evolution and climate change are leaving the comfort of their labs for fieldwork in far-flung places, including Greenland, Siberia, Western Australia, South Africa and Guinea.

Also in this issue: lawyers who write fiction, and 100 years of the student magazine ZS.

Look out for the printed magazine to practice your German, or check UZH News to read articles in English which will be published individually in the next few weeks.