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Vaccination Campaign

“A high vaccination rate benefits everyone”

UZH is in favor of vaccination and is promoting the FOPH’s campaign. At the same time, it respects the personal decision of each of its members to get vaccinated or not. President Michael Schaepman explains the university’s position in this interview.
Interview: David Werner


Michael Schaepman
"It is important that as many members of UZH as possible get vaccinated against Covid-19", says Michael Schaepman.


Michael Schaepman, why is UZH joining in with the FOPH’s vaccination campaign?

Michael Schaepman: UZH has actively supported the authorities in combatting the pandemic from the very start. The FOPH’s vaccination campaign, which is now underway, aims to increase uptake of vaccination among the population. UZH supports this aim, as the faster more people get vaccinated, the more difficult it will be for the virus to spread, and thus the better the prospects are that we will finally overcome the pandemic. A high vaccination rate benefits everyone – whether they are vaccinated themselves or not. Therefore, it is important that as many members of UZH as possible get vaccinated against Covid-19.

What is UZH’s attitude toward university members who don’t want to get vaccinated?

Whether or not to get vaccinated is ultimately a personal decision. UZH respects the individual decisions of its members in this sensitive area.  

What form will courses take in the upcoming Fall Semester?

We plan to resume on-site classes in the 2021 Fall Semester largely as normal, i.e. without significant capacity restrictions and distancing rules. However, we must also be prepared to make short-notice adjustments to the planned scenario. We still cannot rule out that unfavorable epidemiological developments, delays in the vaccination rollout or similar problems may occur.

Will there continue to be online courses in addition to on-site classes?

Yes. Where appropriate, instructors can and should continue to use online formats. 

Are there any conditions to be met for people returning to university premises in the fall? 

Discussions about Covid certificates and access restrictions in Switzerland are currently taking place and the outcome is still open. UZH’s position in these discussions is that, as far as possible, access restrictions should not be required and therefore also no entry checks. Employees and students who do not want to or cannot get vaccinated should not be disadvantaged if at all possible. At the same time, we are concerned with continuing to protect vulnerable people.

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By getting vaccinated, we can help contain the pandemic - so that the day will come when we can all study, research and work again, without any restrictions.