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After several years at the helm of large organizations, Ingrid Deltenre has returned to her alma mater – part-time, at least. She is President of the Executive Committee of the EMBA at UZH.

Brigitte Blöchlinger

UZH alumna Ingrid Deltenre, President of the Executive Committee of the EMBA and Women’s Board Award winner 2019


Education, media studies and biological anthropology – the subjects Ingrid Deltenre studied at UZH didn’t exactly point towards a stellar career as leader and manager. “I was mainly interested in biological anthropology and media studies, which is also where I invested most of my time and energy,” says the UZH alumna. When it came to choosing a career, education ultimately fell by the wayside. She went on to become Secretary General of the Association of Swiss Media and later worked at the publishing house Ringier and held various executive roles, e.g. as publishing manager of the business newspaper Cash, and as head of the Swiss broadcasting company SRG.

C-suite executive

The mandates Ingrid Deltenre holds in various governing boards – rare for a women in Switzerland – are just as varied as her chosen subjects at uni. At 45, she took over as president of the board of the production company TV Productioncenter Zürich, and later joined the boards of directors of Givaudan, Agence France Press, Sunrise Communications and Deutsche Post DHL Group.

An impressive track record, even more so considering the share of women serving on boards of directors in Switzerland is only about 32 percent. And it is probably not the typical career of a woman who studied the subjects that Deltenre did, either. So how did she overcome the notorious glass ceiling that so often hampers the careers of women? Deltenre ought to know, having won the 2019 Women’s Board Award, after all. You can find out in the video above.

President of the Executive Committee of the EMBA

In 2014, Ingrid Deltenre also returned to her alma mater – first as Vice President and a year later as President of the Executive Committee of the Executive MBA at UZH (EMBA). In this role, she can put her wide-ranging management expertise to good use for the continuing education programs of UZH’s Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics – where she might even be able to draw on her studies in education.

Brigitte Blöchlinger, Videoreditor. Translation: Philip Isler.

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