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For Elisabeth Bronfen, any day without cooking is a sad day. As part of the 100 Ways of Thinking exhibition, the professor of English literature cooked a mouthwatering meal for the visitors in the Kunsthalle – and showed that cooking and thinking go hand in hand.

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Cooking with Elisabeth Bronfen. (Video: Marita Fuchs, Editing: David Werner)


Elisabeth Bronfen is passionate about cooking. The professor of English literature loves reading cookbooks and going to the weekly market. She believes that simple dishes, prepared to perfection, can be spectacular. And she demonstrated this in the Kunsthalle last week, where she cooked a meal in front of, and for, the audience. Before everybody dug in, Bronfen spoke about the art of cooking and sharing a meal. The dishes she prepares are a reflection of her memories and personal experience, she said. Her German-born mother and her Jewish father, who grew up in Brooklyn, were key influences. 

Bronfen’s lucky guests were treated to delicious dumplings, a pumpkin risotto and an apple dessert. As with any good meal, the mood was great and the Kunsthalle was turned into a foodie temple for an evening.

Elisabeth Bronfen’s cookbook

Elisabeth Bronfen has compiled recipes from around the globe in her book Besessen. Meine Kochmemoiren.

Elisabeth Bronfen: Besessen. Meine Kochmemoiren; Echtzeit-Verlag, Basel 2016, 475 pages

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