Dual Career Couples

Coming to Zurich as a Couple

When researchers abroad decide to move to Zurich, their partner often comes with them to Switzerland. UZH has an effective framework in place to help them find a job, including recent membership of the International Dual Career Network (IDCN).

Adrian Ritter

International Dual Career Network UZH
International Dual Career Network UZH
In the Lichthof at UZH: company representatives network at an event staged by the International Dual Career Network (IDCN). (Image: Adrian Ritter)

The University of Zurich recruits academics from all over the world. They will only decide to move if a whole range of factors add up, from the terms of employment and research at UZH to the quality of life in Zurich. Another important consideration is their partner’s chances of finding a job.

The University of Zurich actively supports dual career couples with job-seeking and settling down in their new home. If the partner is also an academic, there will sometimes be job opportunities within UZH itself. Now partners of new academic staff at UZH can also use the services of the non-profit organization International Dual Career Network (IDCN) to help them find a job outside the University.

The IDCN, which UZH joined in August 2016, has 13 offices in Europe, America, and Asia; more than 100 companies and higher education establishments are involved. The aim is to help the highly qualified partners of new staff moving from abroad find employment.

Networking by volunteering

IDCN Zurich Area is sponsored and used by 19 employers including Google, ABB, Credit Suisse, and ETH Zurich. Every year the network organizes five events at which job-seekers can meet representatives of local companies. The most recent network meet, held at UZH last Tuesday, was attended by around 120 people.

Alongside these “marketplaces,” the IDCN’s services include presentations and workshops where job-hunters can brush up their CVs or interview technique. The whole thing is underpinned by an internet platform where candidates can place their own CV or check out vacancies.

The IDCN is also designed to enable people to network with other new arrivals. The International Dual Career Network is organized as an association where job-seekers can also help with the organization of events as volunteers – allowing even closer networking.

Adrian Ritter, editor of UZH News.

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