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  • Standing Out: Alex Rübel, Director of the Zurich Zoo

    Protecting What You Love

    Alex Rübel works with animals from all over the world, but has stayed loyal to his roots: Born and raised in Zurich, he studied veterinary medicine at UZH and has served as the Director of the Zurich Zoo for 28 successful years. Watch our video to find out what his plans are when he retires in 2020.
  • Video Series “Standing Out”: Martin Meuli, Pediatric and Fetal Surgeon

    Operate or Opera?

    As a medical student at UZH, Martin Meuli flirted with the idea of becoming a professional singer. In the end, he decided to pursue a career in medicine.
  • Diversity

    “Diversity is good for UZH”

    The University of Zurich is committed to promoting diversity and preventing discrimination through active and systematic measures. UZH’s Diversity Policy entered into force one year ago. Christiane Löwe and Jennifer J* Moos from the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity explain the ideas underlying the policy and how it is being implemented.
  • Video Series “Standing Out” Dominique Rinderknecht

    “The main thing is that you enjoy what you study”

    UZH alumna Dominique Rinderknecht moved into the spotlight as Miss Switzerland. Today she works as a brand ambassador and presenter, and her studies in media science proved a valuable resource for her current roles. In our video, she looks back on her time at UZH and shares her dreams for the future.
  • Video Series “Standing Out”

    Sustainable Success

    Daniel Muntwyler has been interested in sustainable investments ever since his days as a business administration student at UZH. Watch the video to find out what sparked his interest.
  • Video Series “Standing Out” Doris Leuthard

    “It should never get boring”

    UZH alumna and former federal councilor Doris Leuthard continues to lead a busy life even after her time in office. As part of our alumni video series, she looks back at her time as a law student and gives us a glimpse into her personal life.
  • Video Series “Standing Out”

    The Criminal Investigator

    Do you need to be especially tough to be the criminal investigation police chief? In this video interview, UZH alumna Christiane Lentjes-Meili tells us how she got into this unusual profession.