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Video Series “Standing Out”: Rolf Dörig

Insurer Supreme

Rolf Dörig is a household name in the business world as chairman of the board of directors of international companies such as Swiss Life or, until recently, the Adecco Group. Watch the video to find out what helped him build such a remarkable career and what he’d advise today’s students who want to reach the top.


Rolf Dörig, Chairman of Swiss Life and former Chairman of the Adecco Group. Watch the video to find out what helped him build his career. (Video: Brigitte Blöchlinger and Sarah Meyer)


Rolf Dörig studied law and completed his doctoral degree at UZH, writing his doctoral thesis on the topic of liabilities for defects. His favorite subjects were the Swiss Code of Obligations and international law, whereas philosophy of law failed to pique his interest. “I’m a pragmatist, and philosophizing doesn’t come naturally to me,” says the UZH alumnus.

Chairman of Swiss Life

But his pragmatic way of thinking paid off. Rung by rung Rolf Dörig moved up the career ladder, and in 2002 he landed his first C-suite position as chairman of life insurance company Swiss Life. Several prestigious mandates in governing boards followed, including at the world’s largest HR services firm Adecco Group (until the end of 2019) and in the Swiss Insurance Association. 

A passion for sports

To take his mind off work, the busy manager and father of three sons turns to sports above all. In recent years, however, his passion has had to take a backseat, and he has often only been able to follow sports through the news. He hopes that this will change in 2020, and that he will be able to take a more active approach to sports. Watch the video to find out who challenges him the most.

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