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Congratulations, Graduates!

The University of Zurich applauds the class of 2020.


The University of Zurich applauds the class of 2020. (Video: JG Video / UZH Kommunikation)

Getting your degree is a major milestone. It marks the end of one stage in your life and the beginning of another. You have successfully completed your studies and are about to enter the professional world, be it in the private sector or in academia.

The University of Zurich usually celebrates this moment together with the graduates and their families and loved ones. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic this isn’t possible this year, or at best only in a digital setting.

This does not mean we are any less proud. The class of 2020 has achieved something extraordinary. Those of you graduating in 2020 have proven that in addition to the skills and knowledge you acquired during your studies, you will not be overawed by times of crisis, and that you have the persistence and agility it takes to adapt to completely new circumstances. The University of Zurich is proud to welcome you among the ranks of its alumni.

Even in difficult times, it’s important that we do not lose our sense of humor, which is why we asked UZH alumni Julian Graf and Ramin Yousofzai – who you may know as UniGAG – to mark the momentous occasion with a video. Our President Michael Schaepman sat down with them to answer a series of (slightly unusual) questions. We hope you enjoy the video. Well done, class of 2020, and all the best for your future!