68th UNI–POLY Rowing Regatta

Women’s and Professors’ Boats Victorious

At the 68th edition of the UNI-POLY rowing regatta last Saturday, the boats of the University of Zurich women and professors were victorious, while the men and alumni of ETH Zurich won their races. The duel between the two Zurich universities thus ended in a 2:2 tie.


Rowing race
Rowing race
The UZH women celebrate their victory. (Image: ASVZ/Cécile Gmünder)


While persistent rain had caused the Limmat to intermittently rise to critical levels over the past few days, the weather conditions on the day of the regatta were good and the event took place as planned. The two universities’ athletes battled it out in close and contested races. The women’s race was so close that it wasn’t decided until the third leg. In the end, the regatta ended in a 2:2 stalemate: The University of Zurich won the women’s and professors’ categories, while ETH Zurich won the races of the men and the alumni.

After the official races, the two universities then went head to head in their 16-scull racing boats. This race took place for the third year in a row and has become one of the highlights of the UNI-POLY rowing regatta. Thousands of spectators lined the shores of the Limmat to cheer on the two universities’ rowers.



English translation by Philip Isler

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