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How to Excel at Teaching

The latest edition of the UZH Journal focuses on outstanding teaching staff and forward-looking teaching formats. We also present the measures UZH is taking to promote open access publishing.




At this year’s “Tag der Lehre” in late October, Caroline Maake, Thomas Gächter and Guido Gefter will be presented with the Golden Teaching Award, which is being awarded for the first time – in addition to UZH’s traditional teaching award. Nominated by their students, the members of the teaching staff are being recognized for their outstanding teaching. We also present a few innovative teaching projects that were made possible thanks to UZH’s Teaching Fund.

You can also find out in this issue:

- How UZH is supporting its researchers when it comes to open access publishing and why this topic will continue to matter.
- An interesting debate on social egg freezing. Andrea Büchler, professor of law, and Bruno Imthurn, professor of reproductive medicine, discuss this new reproductive technology in depth. They talk through the reasons and benefits, but also the possible constraints of the method.
- How two frogs inspired Jeanne Peter to become a scientific illustrator.
- How social geographer Michael Hermann ended up becoming the most prominent political analyst in Swiss politics.

As always, the printed Journal is in German, but a wide selection of the articles are available online in English. Don’t forget to check out the website:


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