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In the current edition of the UZH Journal, we ask researchers about the significance of Alexander von Humboldt for modern research. The two UZH Open Science delegates also present their vision of a change in research culture.


Neues Journalcover mit Illustration von Alexander von Humboldt.
Neues Journalcover mit Illustration von Alexander von Humboldt.


The focus of the new UZH Journal is devoted to Alexander von Humboldt. In honor of his 250th birthday, we’ve asked five UZH researchers from various disciplines about the significance of Humboldt for their area of research – and whether he, as a person and a scientist, is still a role model. German studies scholar Ulrike Zeuch, linguistics researcher Johannes Kabatek, botanist Colin Hughes, geographer Christian Huggel and paleontologist Marcel Sánchez give their perspectives.

In this issue you can also find out about:

  • The Strategic Principles that will set the course for UZH’s future development
  • How Deputy President Gabriele Siegert and Vice President Finances and Human Resources Stefan Schnyder view the results of the employee survey carried out in the summer
  • How the Executive Board of the University is helping new professors to settle into their roles
  • The measures and ideas that the two Open Science delegates at UZH want to use to bring about cultural change
  • Why social media was underused in the recent national elections

As always, selected articles are available online in English.

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