2018 Annual Report

Shaping the Digital Future

The University’s Annual Report for 2018 has just been published. In addition to the current statistics on student and staff numbers and the latest financial figures, highlights from research, teaching and campus life are presented. One of the topics explored in more depth is digitalization and how UZH is stepping up to the challenges of digital change.

Marita Fuchs

Porf. A. Bernstein
Porf. A. Bernstein
: Pig Data: Professor of informatics Abraham Bernstein researches the best ways to analyze data from a wide variety of sources. Data analysis can help to improve many processes – for example in pig farming. (Image: Philipp Rohner)


Digitalization is one of UZH’s strategic priorities. Its flagship initiative in this area is the Digital Society Initiative, which involves researchers from all seven faculties. We introduce a few of those researchers in the photo gallery of the UZH 2018 Annual Report.

Other highlights from the world of teaching and research at UZH are also presented: For example the parabolic flights undertaken by UZH researchers in 2018 to carry out scientific experiments in zero gravity conditions, which received a lot of public attention. There was also considerable interest in UZH scientists’ research into the diversity of our ecosystem and in the development of groundbreaking immune therapies for cancer.

Another priority was sustainability – 2018 saw the Executive Board of the University sign off on the first UZH Sustainability Report.

In the area of teaching and learning, staff at UZH are currently busy introducing new teaching formats and implementing the Bologna 2020 reforms. Meanwhile in the Campus section we introduce the Forum UZH. And the head of the UZH Foundation explains in an interview how he intends to strengthen UZH’s fundraising capacity in the future.

The Statistics section gives the latest facts and figures about UZH, and to round off the report President Michael Hengartner and Deputy President Gabriele Siegert look ahead to the chances and challenges posed by digitalization and the contribution that UZH can make.

Marita Fuchs, Editor UZH News; English translation by Caitlin Stephens

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