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Easter Brainteaser

UZH News has compiled some quiz questions to get you thinking ahead of the holiday weekend. We wish you all a Happy Easter!
Marita Fuchs


The Easter Bunny has just hidden an egg. Do you know where? Meanwhile, the egg has already been found – see picture below.

1 – At what time of year do the Swiss celebrate Easter?

A  In the second week of April
B  On the Sunday after the first full moon of spring
C  Precisely 49 days before Whitsun/Pentecost
D  On the vernal equinox

2 – Chocolate Easter bunnies are a popular treat at UZH. How many Easter bunnies will the administrative and technical staff eat, assuming that one person eats one Easter bunny each?

A  2,460 Easter bunnies
B  1,200 Easter bunnies
C  4,060 Easter bunnies

3 – Humor and religion are not mutually incompatible, says UZH theologian Pierre Bühler. Until the 18th century, the custom of “Easter laughter” was widespread in central Europe. What was the meaning behind this tradition?

A  The priest would make the congregation laugh during the Easter church service to demonstrate the triumph of life over death and Satan. 
B  People could laugh at the priest – the only day in the year when this was allowed.
C  Only men were allowed to laugh – women were strictly forbidden from doing so.

4 – UZH is international in outlook and character. Many students come from abroad, including from Russia. When do Russians traditionally celebrate Easter?

A  Easter is celebrated on the same day as in Switzerland.
B  According to Orthodox rules, Easter must be celebrated on a Sunday after the Jewish feast of the Passover.
C  Orthodox and Catholic Easter do not always fall on the same day because of the differences between the Gregorian and Julian church calendars. 

This egg is hidden on Campus Irchel. Happy Easter!

5 – There are many theories regarding the origin of the word “Easter”. From which word is it definitely NOT derived?

A  Eastre
B  Austro
C  Eostrarum
D  Ostrea  

6 – At UZH, we have a vegan cafeteria. What is a vegan Easter bunny made of?

A  Cocoa powder and butter
B  Cocoa powder and dates
C  Cocoa powder, coconut oil and dates 
D  Cocoa powder and cream

7 – Egg jarping (tapping hard-boiled eggs together) is a Swiss Easter tradition. What technique will help you smash your opponent’s egg without breaking your own?

A  Use brute force and strike the opponent’s egg head-on.
B  Devise a trick to distract the opponent and then strike.
C  Don’t hit the top of the opponent’s egg, because the tip is the strongest part. 

8 – In Goethe’s poem Osterspaziergang (“the Easter walk”), the main characters go for a stroll. Who are they?

A  Faust and Gretchen
B  Faust and a poodle
C  Faust and Wagner 
D  A witch

Teamwork: Sarah Moser, Thomas Göckeritz, Céline Gloor and Angelic Bufete from UZH Alumni have found the egg between the flowers of Rechberggarten. Congratulations! (Image: David Werner)