EUA 2018 Annual Conference

University Leaders to Meet at UZH

UZH has been chosen to host the European University Association’s annual conference in 2018: Next year, some 400 university rectors and presidents from all over Europe will meet in Zurich to discuss the challenges and opportunities in higher education and research.


UZH will host the European University Association’s annual conference in 2018.
UZH will host the European University Association’s annual conference in 2018. (Image: UZH)

The European University Association (EUA) is a network that unites some 800 universities in 47 countries under the banner “Strong Universities for Europe.” EUA serves as an important forum for debate on higher education policy and as a platform where universities and national rectors’ conferences from 47 European countries can discuss issues related to education, research, and innovation, thus enabling the institutions to initiate joint projects. It also provides the framework for universities to shape important academic policy on the international stage. Through its activities, the EUA plays a fundamental role in strengthening European education and research.

The EUA conference is held at a different venue every year. UZH submitted a bid to host next year’s conference – and was selected as the location of next year’s meeting of university leaders, which will take place from 4 to 6 April 2018. “I look forward to welcoming some 400 university leaders and other guests from all over Europe,” says UZH President Michael Hengartner. “It is an honor for UZH to host this major international conference.” Hengartner, who is also currently president of swissuniversities (the conference of higher education institutions in Switzerland), points out that hosting the conference represents a valuable opportunity for UZH: “The event will increase the already excellent international reputation of our University.”

Statement on recent developments

Yesterday, EUA released a statement criticizing the Hungarian government for introducing legislation amendments that could lead to the closure of the Central University in Budapest, one of the country's most renowned higher education institutions. EUA is furthermore highly concerned over the repeated interference of the Turkish government in higher education affairs; EUA emphasizes the importance of universities as independent and autonomous places of scholarship. swissuniversities fully supports the position of EUA.

EUA Annual 2017 Conference

This year’s EUA conference takes place on 6 and 7 April in Bergen, Norway. The main theme of the event is how academic autonomy and freedom can be guaranteed in the face of today’s challenges in the European political, economic, and societal landscape.