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UZH Switches to Digital Teaching

The University of Zurich has suspended all its classroom teaching from Monday, 16 March 2020 until further notice. This measure to contain the spread of coronavirus has been taken by the Executive Board of the University after consulting with the Canton of Zurich’s Department of Education. UZH aims to enable students to complete the semester as normal, including assessments and requirements for credits.


The University of Zurich has suspended all its classroom teaching until further notice.

The University of Zurich has been carefully monitoring the developments surrounding the coronavirus outbreak for several weeks and has prepared for various possible scenarios. The university has now decided to switch its teaching to a distance learning format until further notice. As of this Monday, all classroom teaching activities are suspended.


In the past few days, UZH has been working non-stop to expand its online teaching to enable students to follow their courses from home. These digital learning options will continue to grow.


The suspension of classroom teaching for 26,000 students reduces the number of contacts and the risk of infection at UZH. The university is thus making a significant contribution towards containing the spread of coronavirus. “UZH is faced with an extraordinary challenge,” says Gabriele Siegert, President ad interim. “Our most important goals are to protect our students and staff and to enable students to complete the Spring Semester as normal.” 


Research and administrative activities not affected

UZH buildings will remain open for now. The university’s research and administrative activities will continue as before. Members of UZH are advised to follow the measures of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the Canton of Zurich’s Department of Health – e.g. social distancing and protective measures for people at especially high risk. 


All events outside of the regular teaching and research activities have been canceled or must be held using digital formats. The university’s museums will remain closed until further notice. Libraries will be closed to the public. UZH members will continue to have access to the media to enable them to continue their studies or research activities.

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