TV Örlikä Wins 2018 SOLA Relay Race

Around 14,000 runners took part in this year’s SOLA relay race. The race was won by team TV Örlikä, who finished about seven minutes ahead of their competition.


SOLA 2018
SOLA 2018
Despite the very warm temperatures: Happy faces at SOLA 2018. (Image: ASVZ, Madlaina Walther)


The runners of team TV Örlikä finished in first place with a time of 6:44:45. While this was 11 minutes longer than last year’s winning time, it was still enough to beat the running freaks and TV Oerlikon 1, the two teams that had dominated the competition over the past years. This year, gymnastics club TV Oerlikon entered two teams into the race – TV Oerlikon 1 and TV Örlikä. With their first and third places, it was the first time in SOLA history that one club had two teams on the podium.

In addition to these three teams, there were a further 984 teams with approx. 14,000 runners who tackled the 116.1 kilometers in and around Zurich.

Heat Takes Its Toll
Many of the runners found it difficult to cope with the temperatures, which climbed higher and higher and reached up to 24 °C. As a result, the medical crew had to attend to more runners than in the previous years. Nevertheless, the many happy faces at the finishing line as well as the excellent atmosphere on the trail made the 2018 SOLA relay race a highly successful event.

The SOLA relay race is carried out with the support of sponsors and 700 volunteers coming from various Zurich sports clubs. Sustainability is a key element of the race: The SOLA relay race is one of only few sporting events in Switzerland to adhere to the internationally recognized GRI-G4 standard.


1. TV Örlikä                                     6:44:45

2. running freaks                             6:51:19

3. TV Oerlikon 1                              6:53:54

4. Celeritas Sancti Galli                   7:15:55

5. Brownsche Spaziergänger XS    7:17:06

6. TSV Galgenen                             7:18:43

7. Mark Brothers                              7:22:55

8. Kapo Zürich Selection                 7:24:19

9. ADIDAS Runners Zurich             7:27:32

10. ALLEGRA-Runners                   7:31:35

Complete Ranking

3rd SOLA in Winterthur

On 29 September 2018, the city of Winterthur is staging the third “Winti-SOLA” relay race in cooperation with the Academic Sports Association Zurich (ASVZ). The race will feature 12 legs totaling 83.1 kilometers in and around Winterthur.
For more information and to sign up, go to:

English translation by Philip Isler, UZH Communications.

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