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Playing without Distractions

The Foundation for Childcare in the Zurich University Area (kihz) supports members of UZH and ETH Zurich when it comes to childcare. One of the offers is "kihz Flex", which now also provides flexible temporary childcare services on Plattenstrasse near UZH City Campus.
Marita Fuchs


Stories and pictures: A glimpse into daily life at one of the kihz foundation's daycare centers. (Picture: Marcel Biefer)


Meret*, a Romance language and literature student, wants to resume her studies after maternity leave. Her professor suggests that she take part in a conference which focuses on the same topic as her Master’s thesis. But there’s one problem: Meret’s partner is abroad and her mother, who often looks after the six-month-old baby, is unavailable. What can she do? Through a friend, she finds out about the “kihz Flex” option of the Foundation for Childcare in the Zurich University Area (kihz). The foundation and its professional carers provide flexible temporary childcare – regardless of whether the parents are employed full or part-time and without any long-term contractual commitment.

Five francs per hour

And because as a student Meret has to watch her spending, there’s another great advantage: One hour of childcare by a trained professional carer costs only five francs for students. In addition to the daycare center at Hönggerberg, the “kihz Flex” option is now also available at the center on Plattenstrasse, close to UZH’s main building. The center’s childcare services are available until 6:00pm. After the center closes for the day, if Meret wants to stay and network at the apéro after her conference, she can book a nanny to look after her baby at home. With its “kihz Mobil” option, the foundation also helps parents find the right childcare solution for their specific needs and preferences. If required, a nanny can also take on additional household tasks.

While the kihz foundation isn’t a professional nanny agency, they can find temporary solutions at short notice thanks to a pool of on-call employees, says Monika Haetinger, Managing Director of kihz. The foundation handpicks all of their nannies and knows each of them personally.

Efficient and straightforward

Thomas*, who’s a visiting professor at UZH, is also glad that he can get kihz’s childcare at short notice for his five-year-old daughter Irma. The girl likes going to daycare, where she enjoys playing with other kids and loves the great selection of books, board games, building materials, and role-playing games. In addition, the center often offers pre-prepared activities, which the children can engage in depending on their interests. The carers also make sure that the children can play without being disturbed or distracted by other parents dropping off or picking up their little ones. As a visiting professor – like all professors – Thomas pays 20 francs per hour of childcare, while employees of UZH and ETH Zurich pay 10 francs. Payment is straightforward by debit card. Many parents also use the flexible childcare services to introduce their children to the idea of daycare, says Monika Haetinger.

Thomas is also a big fan of the kihz’s holiday childcare options, which provides full-day childcare during Zurich school holidays. His daughter Irma has already told him that she definitely wants to go there in the summer.

*Names changed

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