BVK Board of Trustees

Two UZH Employees Standing for Election

Elections to the board of trustees of the BVK pension fund will be held in May. The candidates include two employees of the University of Zurich. In this interview, they explain how they see the future of BVK.

Marita Fuchs

Elections to the Board of Trustees: UZH staff can exercise an influence on the management of BVK.

BVK, the pension fund for employees of Canton Zurich, whose insured members include around 4,000 UZH staff, is undergoing a reshuffle. From 2 to 31 May 2017, BVK members will elect new members to the board of trustees. This is an opportunity for people in the pension fund to influence its management by way of the the board of trustees.

Calista Fischer and Thorsten Hens from UZH are standing for election in Constituency IV (educational establishments). In this interview they explain how they see the future of BVK.


Calista Fischer
Calista Fischer (Photo used with permission)

Calista Fischer has been at UZH since 2007. She works in communications for the Faculty of Science. Among other things, she wants to make sure the interests of women and part-time staff are represented on the BVK board of trustees and management board. In an interview with UZH News she explains why this is important. Last year, Calista Fischer represented administrative and technical staff on the UZH “Anschlussvertrag BVK” personnel committee that recommended leaving BVK.

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Thorsten Hens
Thorsten Hens (Photo used with permission)

Thorsten Hens is Professor of Financial Economics at the UZH Department of Banking and Finance. He wants to ensure that any new returns generated by BVK are distributed equitably to the various age groups. In an interview with UZH News he explains why this is a good solution. Last year Thorsten Hens represented the professorial staff on the UZH “Anschlussvertrag BVK” personnel committee that recommended leaving BVK.

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The employer and employees have different procedures for choosing their representatives on the board of trustees: The employees elect their trustees, while the employer nominates its trustee. In the case of UZH, UZH professor of law Felix Uhlmann has been automatically elected for the next four-year term of office. He takes over this role from Stefan Schnyder, Director of Finances, Human Resources and Infrastructure at UZH.

The election to the board of trustees is conducted electronically. Personal access data for the electronic election platform will be sent out along with instructions and election documentation in spring 2017 before the election. UZH members will vote for candidates in Constituency IV (educational establishments).


Public Hearing

From 4:30 to 6:00pm on Friday, 28 April 2017, a public hearing will take place in KOL-F-104, UZH Main Building with the candidates standing for election to represent employees in the constituency for educational establishments.
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Marita Fuchs, editor UZH News

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