New Look: UZH Marktplatz

Marktplatz is UZH’s online marketplace and largest advertising platform, where people can offer and find jobs, apartments, events, and services. A complete redesign has now given it a fresh new look.

UZH Alumni

Apartments, jobs, internships, events, services, and leisure activities: The new platform features a wide range of offers. (Image: aritte)


The Marktplatz of the University of Zurich is very popular with the students and staff of UZH as well as the other Zurich-based universities. The platform is often the first port of call for those looking for a job, a new apartment, a study group, and much more.

The Marktplatz was originally developed by an informatics student at UZH. UZH Alumni then took over the platform in 2008 and has been running it ever since. The main idea behind Marktplatz has always been to bring together students and alumni: The alumni can offer the jobs and apartments that students and graduates are searching for. Marktplatz simply puts the two together. Marktplatz has now been given a new fresh and user-friendly look.

Posting ads remains free for everyone. A new feature is the premium advertisements. It allows users to draw more attention to their ads – for example through a better placement of the ads, longer publication periods, and additional photos. Students, members of UZH Alumni, and employees of UZH can post premium advertisements for free, while all others pay between 20 and 50 francs depending on the category.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the handling of Marktplatz, which is still very simple: The platform is open to all and doesn’t require a login. To make job-hunting even easier, job offers are now divided into three instead of only two categories: “Student Jobs”, “Alumni Jobs”, and the new category “Internships”. It’s also still possible for employers to highlight job ads for UZH graduates in the “Alumni Jobs” category and to post their ads on a further 100 job platforms. Last but not least, there is also a new category that showcases attractive offers, discounts, and services.

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