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Social Media Accounts of Student Organizations

Student Organization Facebook X Instagram LinkedIn
VSUZH Facebook X Instagram LinkedIn
VSUZH – Events     Instagram  
FV Anglistik     Instagram  
FV Archäologie Facebook   Instagram  
FV Biologie und Biomedizin Facebook   Instagram  
FV Chemie, Biochemie und Wirtschaftschemie Facebook   Instagram LinkedIn
FV Computerlinguistik     Instagram  
FV Erziehungswissenschaften Facebook   Instagram  
FV Ethnologie Facebook   Instagram  
FV Filmwissenschaft Facebook      
FV Gender Studies     Instagram  
FV Geografie und ESS     Instagram  
FV Germanistik Facebook   Instagram  
FV Geschichte     Instagram  
FV Informatik ICU Facebook   Instagram LinkedIn
FV Islamwissenschaft Facebook   Instagram  
FV Japanologie     Instagram  
FV Jus Facebook   Instagram  
FV Kommunikation Facebook X Instagram  
FV Kunstgeschichte Facebook   Instagram  
FV Kunstgeschichte Ostasien     Instagram  
FV Mathematik     Instagram  
FV Medizin Facebook   Instagram  
FV Nordistik Facebook   Instagram  
FV Philosophie Facebook      
FV Physik     Instagram  
FV Polito Facebook X Instagram LinkedIn
FV Populäre Kulturen Facebook   Instagram  
FV Psychologie Facebook   Instagram LinkedIn
FV SI Recht Facebook   Instagram  
FV Sinologie Facebook   Instagram  
FV Slavistik Facebook   Instagram  
FV Soziologie Facebook   Instagram  
FV Veterinärmedizin Facebook   Instagram  
FV Oekonomie Facebook   Instagram LinkedIn
VSR Verein der Studierenden der Romanistik     Instagram  
WiChem Forum Facebook   Instagram LinkedIn

Websites of Student Organizations

A list of all student societies can be found in the Studies section:
UZH Student Organizations

Something Missing?

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