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Commenting rules

We appreciate the opportunity to exchange ideas with you. That’s why users are free to post their own comments on all UZH social media channels in response to the topic on a particular page. 

Please note the following rules for posts and comments:

  • Comments must be related to the topic of the post.
  • Respect other users and their opinions. Remain fair and objective and remember that communication on this page is in the public domain.

We reserve the right to remove any posts that are in breach of these rules without having to specify a reason.

What we don’t want on our accounts

The following content in particular is not permitted:

  • Disrespectful posts and comments and those containing content that is racist, discriminatory, sexist, pornographic, misleading or illegal or that glorifies violence
  • Adult content or obscene remarks
  • Personal attacks
  • Spam, dating ads, advertising and other commercial content
  • Activities that impair the smooth functioning of Facebook and the UZH Facebook page, and the upload of documents containing harmful viruses or similar
  • Content that contravenes the rights of UZH, its members and third parties

As a follower of UZH, you agree to observe these netiquette rules.

Opinions expressed by users on our social media channels do not represent the views of UZH.

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