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  • Space Research

    A Factory in Outer Space

    It’s possible to produce things in orbit that wouldn’t be possible on Earth, says Oliver Ullrich. We sat down with the biochemist and space physician to learn more about weightless cells, the UZH Space Hub, and humans as an interplanetary species. web.newslist.more

  • Parabolic Flights

    New Flight Platform Increases Flexibility in Research

    The 6th Swiss Parabolic Flight Campaign, run by the UZH Space Hub and the Swiss Sky Lab Foundation, takes place at the Air Base Dübendorf from 3 to 14 October. It is the first time a campaign is featuring a Cessna Citation II research aircraft, operated by the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR). The airplane will carry four research projects into weightlessness. web.newslist.more

  • 10 years of the UZH Foundation

    Fueling New Ideas

    For 10 years, the UZH Foundation has been successfully raising funds for research, teaching and innovation – including for the Digital Entrepreneur Fellowship. web.newslist.more

  • Research on Aging

    Living Healthily for Longer

    2021-2030 has been declared the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing by the World Health Organization. Research into healthy longevity and the development of innovative approaches to aging have been a strategic priority at UZH for several years now. The creation of the new Healthy Longevity Center provides an added boost and a firm footing for research in this increasingly important area. web.newslist.more

  • Digital Society Initiative (DSI)

    From "Good" to "Ethical" Drones

    What is needed to turn "good" drones used for humanitarian purposes into "ethical" drones? And how can ethical values be integrated in the use and development of new technologies? Dr. Ning Wang reports on the role of the DSI in helping humanitarian organizations integrate ethical values into innovation practices. web.newslist.more

  • UZH Space Hub

    Robot Dog on Its Way to the Moon

    The robotic explorer GLIMPSE, created at UZH and ETH Zurich, has made it into the final round of a competition for prospecting resources in space. The long-term goal is for the robot to explore the south polar region of the moon. web.newslist.more

  • UZH Spin-Offs in 2021

    Levelling Up

    Every year, innovative UZH researchers launch their own businesses – in 2021, four new spin-offs were founded. Spin-offs play a key role when it comes to transferring scientific findings into industry practice web.newslist.more

  • Innovathon 2021

    Transforming Travel

    What will the transport of tomorrow look like? How will digitalization change the way we get around? In a new module run by the UZH Innovation Hub and the Digital Society Initiative, students from the University of Zurich examined the interdisciplinary challenges of digitalization and mobility. Over the course of a 48-hour “Innovathon”, they came up with creative ideas to solve real-world problems. web.newslist.more

  • Social Entrepreneurship

    John Snow's Legacy

    Onicio Leal is a startup founder and public health researcher in one. He wants to help improve the health of children growing up in Malawi. web.newslist.more

  • Neuroscience

    Thinking in Technicolor

    Tommaso Patriarchi's ambition is to decipher the brain's chemical language – using neurosensors that he has developed himself. web.newslist.more

  • Computerlinguistics

    Speaking with Signs

    Computational linguist Sarah Ebling wants to help deaf people and those with cognitive impairments access the digital world more easily – with an app that can translate speech into sign language in real time. web.newslist.more

  • Biochemistry

    Goodbye to Back Pain

    Back pain: a disease common to many. However, with his newly developed stem cell therapy, biochemist Stefan Dudli is hoping to make it a thing of the past. web.newslist.more

  • Junior Researchers

    Making It in Academia

    An academic career involves a great deal of uncertainty. For junior researchers, success is as much about passion and enthusiasm as it is about perseverance, resilience and luck. web.newslist.more

  • Precision Medicine

    Targeted Therapies thanks to Biomedical Informatics

    The LOOP Zurich, the new medical research center in Zurich, promotes patient-focused therapies. To achieve its goals, the center brings together specialist knowledge in the fields of biomedicine, bioinformatics and clinical research from the University of Zurich, ETH Zurich as well as Zurich’s four university hospitals. Two of The LOOP Zurich’s first research consortia have now started developing innovative treatments methods in oncology and neurorehabilitation. web.newslist.more

  • UZH Startup

    Home-Grown Talent

    PolygonSoftware develops smart software solutions and relies on gifted programmers. The startup’s staff is made up entirely of students or alumni of the UZH Department of Informatics. The fledgling business has recently been granted the right to use the UZH Startup label. web.newslist.more

  • UZH Spin-Offs

    Seven UZH Spin-Offs Founded in 2020

    Seven new spin-offs emerged from UZH last year. The fledgling businesses have rolled out innovative software for drones, a novel treatment for stress incontinence as well as a method that makes prenatal interventions safer, among other things. web.newslist.more

  • Digitalization Initiative of the Zurich Higher Education Institutions

    DIZH Picking Up Steam

    In the next 10 years, the joint digitalization initiative by Zurich’s higher education institutions aims to explore the effects and opportunities of digitalization and develop innovative technologies. The initiative is now gradually taking shape, and the first round of calls for research and innovation projects has been launched. web.newslist.more

  • UZH Start-Up

    Teaching More Efficiently

    A University of Zurich start-up has developed an innovative learning and assessment platform for teachers. Thanks to the platform’s cutting-edge technology, teaching staff can individualize and mark exams through an automated process. web.newslist.more

  • UZH-Spin-off

    Precision Predictions for Hydropower Plants

    The UZH spin-off ExoLabs has developed a model that can predict snowmelt and help hydropower operators generate energy more efficiently. The innovative business idea has now won the funding and support of the European Union. web.newslist.more

  • AI Accelerates Blood Flow MRI

    Imaging technology helps to detect cardiovascular diseases much earlier; however, precise examinations are still very time-consuming. Researchers from ETH and the University of Zurich have now presented a method that could greatly accelerate dynamic magnetic resonance imaging of blood flow. web.newslist.more

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