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  • The Future of Teaching at UZH

    “Keeping the big picture in mind”

    UZH has launched a new initiative called the Future of Teaching (“Zukunft der Lehre”). In this interview, Gabriele Siegert explains where the journey is headed and how the initiative will benefit teaching staff and students. web.newslist.more

  • Parking Charges

    The Cost of Parking

    The University of Zurich is increasing its parking fees from 1 January 2023. François Chapuis, Vice President Real Estate and Facility Management, explains why this step is necessary. . web.newslist.more

  • Employee Survey 2022

    “A foundation that holds up even in difficult times”

    Despite the challenges of the pandemic, workplace satisfaction is high at UZH, as shown by the results of the May 2022 employee survey. We sat down with Deputy President Gabriele Siegert and Stefan Schnyder, Vice President Finances and Human Resources, to learn more about the University’s perspective. web.newslist.more

  • Executive Board of the University

    Daniel Hug Appointed New Vice President Finances

    Daniel Hug will take office as Vice President Finances at the University of Zurich in February 2023. As a member of the Executive Board of the University, he will be responsible for planning and managing UZH’s finances. web.newslist.more

  • 50 years of psychological counseling center

    “Seeking help with mental health problems is a strength”

    For the past 50 years, UZH and ETH’s Psychological Counseling Services have been supporting students experiencing mental health problems. In this interview, Cornelia Beck, Head of Psychological Counseling Services, explains whether students’ concerns have changed in that time, why more ETH than UZH students seek her help during their Master’s degrees, and what the universities would do well to rethink. web.newslist.more

  • Excellence Scholarships

    Studying with Success

    What does it take to become a successful student? We asked four Excellence Scholarship winners. Here, they give us a glimpse into their daily study routines and show that there are many paths to university success. web.newslist.more

  • UZH Summer Quiz Winners Announced

    Kitted Out for Summer

    The winners of our summer quiz have now been drawn. They plan to use their prizes when kayaking on the river, on excursions to the Munster Valley in Alsace, or after swimming at a secluded woodland pond. web.newslist.more

  • UZH Summer Quiz

    Did You Know?

    New findings are emerging from UZH research all the time, and UZH is also constantly evolving as an institution. Our summer quiz will take you on a tour of some topics that we’ve covered over the past several months. Have fun trying to guess the answers. web.newslist.more

  • Sustainability

    Dealing with Data and Water

    Sustainability has many aspects to it. Working at UZH also has an impact on the environment. We have compiled a few tips on how you can go about saving your data and using drinking water in a more sustainable way. web.newslist.more

  • START! Study

    Golden Opportunity

    The START! Study – University Integration Program at UZH provides refugees with new perspectives in their academic and professional lives. The program’s first 40 participants recently completed the course. web.newslist.more

  • Pride Month

    Promoting Acceptance for Different Identities

    The University of Zurich provides an open and safe environment for people with different gender and sexual identities, as confirmed by the experiences of four students on the occasion of Pride Month. And yet, there is still room for further improvements. web.newslist.more

  • Global Affairs

    UZH Joins European University Alliance Una Europa

    On today’s Europe Day, the University of Zurich becomes a new member of Una Europa. The unique network of leading European universities aims to contribute to a European scientific area through its intensive cooperation. web.newslist.more

  • New Working Model

    Balancing On-Site and Mobile Working

    UZH has introduced guidelines on mobile working. What is the reasoning behind this step? We interviewed vice presidents Christian Schwarzenegger and Stefan Schnyder and professor of HR management Jochen Menges to find out. web.newslist.more

  • Libraries

    Books in Clouds

    Libraries have gone through many changes throughout history, adapting to new social orders, political systems and technological advances. Today, university libraries, including the one at UZH, have become the gatekeepers of data and information from across the globe. web.newslist.more

  • FAN Award

    Antibiotic Resistance, Occupational Pensions and Secularism in Bangladesh

    Kira Schmitt, Michael E. Meier and Mascha Schulz have won this year's FAN Awards for their outstanding research work. The three junior researchers explored antibiotic resistance in small animal clinics, occupational pensions, and secularism and religion in Bangladesh. web.newslist.more

  • Statistics on Professorial Appointments 2021

    Women in the Majority for the First Time

    The total number of professorial appointments has remained constant, but for the first time ever, more women than men were appointed as professors at UZH. web.newslist.more

  • Annual Report 2021

    Diverse Paths in Academia

    Elisabeth Stark wants to provide junior researchers at UZH with a wide range of career paths. In the interview, the Vice President Research talks about good supervision, academic freedom for budding scholars, and the joy of being a researcher.n zu sein. web.newslist.more

  • Finances and Human Resources

    Stefan Schnyder Resigns as Vice President Finances and Human Resources

    Stefan Schnyder will step down as Vice President Finances and Human Resources at the end of December 2022. Having served in this role for over 16 years, the 56-year-old engineer has decided to seek out a new professional challenge. web.newslist.more

  • Institutional Accreditation of UZH

    Top Marks for UZH’s Culture of Quality

    The Swiss Accreditation Council has awarded UZH accreditation without attaching any further conditions. The accompanying report describes UZH’s quality assurance system as very well thought-out, consistently organized and implemented. web.newslist.more

  • New University Library

    “Less about books than about people”

    For a year now, Rudolf Mumenthaler has been working behind the scenes and building up the new University Library Zurich. He will be the new library’s director from 2022. We asked him about his professional experiences, his most urgent tasks and his favorite books. web.newslist.more

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