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  • AI and the Ideal Market

    How Markets Are Getting Smarter

    Computer scientist Sven Seuken uses artificial intelligence to design complex electronic markets that aim to benefit vendors and customers in equal measure. More …

  • AI and Health

    Doctor Digital

    Artificial intelligence is already commonplace in healthcare, lightening doctors’ workloads and helping them make medical decisions. The legal issues have yet to be resolved, however. More …

  • KI und Fairness

    Becoming Smarter Together

    From checking loan applications to selecting job applicants, decisions are increasingly being made with the aid of artificial intelligence. While AI doesn’t make them any fairer, it can make us wiser, says ethicist Markus Christen. More …

  • The Prejudices

    The Secret Life of Algorithms

    Algorithms sort the internet for us. The problem is, no one knows exactly how they decide. Information scientist Anikó Hannák is trying to change this. What she’s finding out in the process offers food for thought. More …

  • AI and Our Jobs

    Not Less Work, but Different

    Artificial intelligence is changing the way we work. Information scientist Abraham Bernstein predicts that it won’t make us redundant. But there will be new forms of collaboration between humans and machines that will open up new and interesting avenues. More … 1 Comment

  • Storm in the Blood Stream

    16-year old Patrick Simonis was looking death in the eye – but genetically modified blood cells enabled him to beat his cancer. More …

  • Computers Are Not Curious

    People and intelligent machines learn in similar ways, says philosopher Hans-Johann Glock. Unlike humans, however, computers do not pursue their own goals – not yet, at least. More …

  • Plastic Waste

    No More Plastic

    Millions of tons of plastic are floating in the oceans of the world. Satellites in space could help to clean up these mountains of waste. More …

  • New UZH Magazin

    Saving the World

    Energy from hydrogen, free train travel, green investments, repairing not replacing, no more plastic, modified seeds and biodiversity. The focus of the new UZH Magazin is on saving the world – we present seven ideas from UZH researchers for a bright and sustainable future. More …

  • University History

    Deep-Rooted Resentment

    In her doctoral thesis, Silvia Bolliger examined the University of Zurich's stance towards foreign students during the interwar period (1919-1939). The historian and former UZH archivist’s work shines a light on “discreet anti-Semitism”. More …

  • New UZH Magazin

    Being Rich

    How do you become rich? How do people show off their wealth? And how should it be distributed? In the new UZH Magazin, UZH scholars explore what it means to be rich and how we handle wealth. More …

  • Open Science

    New Zurich-Made Microscope Proves Popular

    Neuroscientist Fabian Voigt couldn’t find the perfect microscope to suit his needs – so he built one himself instead. His special light-sheet microscope (mesoSPIM) has since garnered interest from researchers all over the world. More … 1 Comment

  • Astrophysics

    Giant Impact Disrupted Jupiter’s Core

    New interior models of Jupiter based on data gathered by NASA’s Juno mission suggested that the giant gas planet might not have a small compact core but rather a diluted, “fuzzy” one. Now, an international team with researchers of the University of Zürich and the NCCR PlanetS has found an explanation for this surprising Juno result. More …

  • Criminology

    Telltale Bacteria

    DNA tracing has become an indispensable tool when it comes to solving crimes. And now microbes are expanding the possibilities. A research group at UZH has conducted a study in which they examined bacteria in tissue samples for use in forensics. More …

  • New UZH Magazin

    Us and the Machines

    We have a long history of living side by side with machines. But with technology getting smarter and smarter, what does this mean for our future? This is the question we explore in the new UZH Magazin. More …

  • New UZH Journal

    Fear and Courage at Exam Time

    The current issue of the UZH Journal focuses on exam stress and what can be done about it. Also in the spotlight are the new guidelines for supervision of doctoral candidates. More …

  • Astronomy

    “A village on the moon”

    Fifty years ago, on 21 July 1969, humans stood on the moon for the first time. To celebrate the anniversary of the moon landing, UZH astrophysicist Ben Moore has written a biography of the moon. In this interview he tells us about the new space race, and explains how the Earth’s satellite came into being. More …

  • 2018 Annual Report

    Shaping the Digital Future

    The University’s Annual Report for 2018 has just been published. In addition to the current statistics on student and staff numbers and the latest financial figures, highlights from research, teaching and campus life are presented. One of the topics explored in more depth is digitalization and how UZH is stepping up to the challenges of digital change. More …

  • Nanotechnology

    Water that never freezes

    Can water reach minus 263 degrees Celsius without turning into ice? Yes it can, say researchers from the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, if it is confined in nanometre-scale lipid channels. More …

  • Botanical Museum

    Botanical Works of Art

    A mysterious set of dazzlingly beautiful glass diapositives was recently discovered in the university’s Botanical Museum. In her new book, archaeobotanist Christiane Jacquat presents these botanical pictures for the first time and describes the search for their creator. More …

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