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  • 3R principles

    Animal Welfare

    Paulin Jirkof has been working for around a year as 3R Coordinator for UZH. Her job is to help reduce the number of animal experiments conducted at UZH and to improve the welfare of the animals involved. More …

  • Sustainability Week

    “2019 is the University of Zurich’s year of sustainability”

    As part of Zurich Sustainability Week, leaders from the five Zurich higher education institutions got together to discuss the role of universities in sustainable development. Many measures are underway at the University of Zurich, reported Gabriele Siegert, Deputy President of UZH. More …

  • Leadership

    “I don’t believe in rigid hierarchies”

    Do women lead differently? How do they view employee leadership and what is their approach to management? Italian studies expert Tatiana Crivelli Speciale and natural scientist Nicole Joller each have different views on this topic – including on gender quotas. More …

  • Study of the Ancient World

    Modern Lessons from the Ancient World

    A brilliant lecture by Egyptologist Jan Assmann opened the series of Ringvorlesungen on the theme of Migration in Antiquity. The event also marked the opening of the ZAZH – Zurich Center for the Study of the Ancient World. More …

  • Spotlight

    Embracing the Wilderness

    Ecologist Florian Altermatt has presided over the Swiss Biodiversity Forum since the beginning of the year. He’s committed to researching biodiversity and facilitating the cooperation of scientists and policy-makers. More …

  • My Alma Mater

    Across Borders

    Swiss diplomat Christine Schraner Burgener has been the United Nations Special Envoy on Myanmar since last spring. A law degree from the University of Zurich formed the basis for her exceptional career. More … 1 Comment

  • Political Science

    Coming Apart at the Seams

    Political scientist Stefanie Walter’s area of research is political current affairs. But she doesn’t just watch from the sidelines, she also gets involved in the debate – especially about the worrying future of Europe. More …

  • Executive Board of the University

    Pointing the Way

    Gabriele Siegert started her work as Deputy President of UZH last summer, in addition to her position as Vice President. Her goals include streamlining evaluation processes and promoting sustainability and diversity at UZH. More …