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    Tenacious Virtuoso

    Kerstin Noëlle Vokinger has doctorates in law and medicine, was admitted to the bar, has a Master’s degree from Harvard and is a professor at only 34 years old. And yet she doesn’t see herself as a high flier.
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    New UZH Magazin

    Climate Change, Wars and Insatiable Data Dredgers

    The challenges facing the global community today are complex and manifold: climate crisis, war, poverty, inequality, digitalization, a new political world order. The new issue of the UZH Magazin analyzes some of the problems and points to possible solutions.
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    Right Livelihood Award

    “Peace is more than the absence of war”

    Fartuun Adan and Ilwad Elman are the recipients of this year’s Right Livelihood Award, also known as the alternative Nobel Prize. Before the awards ceremony, the two activists spoke at UZH about their humanitarian activities in Somalia, a country beset by civil war.
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    A Fountain of Youth for Blood Vessels

    Vascular aging is the most common cause of fatal cardiovascular diseases. Can blood vessels be rejuvenated using fat cells? Cardiologist Soheil Saeedi is developing a novel method to do just that.
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    Diversifizieren statt abschotten

    Global trade policy has become more unpredictable, says the recently appointed Chief Economist of the World Trade Organization (WTO), UZH’s Ralph Ossa. We interviewed him to find out more.
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    Space Research

    A Factory in Outer Space

    It’s possible to produce things in orbit that wouldn’t be possible on Earth, says Oliver Ullrich. We sat down with the biochemist and space physician to learn more about weightless cells, the UZH Space Hub, and humans as an interplanetary species.
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    Executive Board of the University

    Daniel Hug Appointed New Vice President Finances

    Daniel Hug will take office as Vice President Finances at the University of Zurich in February 2023. As a member of the Executive Board of the University, he will be responsible for planning and managing UZH’s finances.
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    Physics and War

    The young Ukrainian scientist Iaroslava Bezshyiko is set on discovering new elementary particles. This excitement about the mysteries of mass and matter runs in the family: thanks to a Scholars at Risk grant, her mother is now researching at UZH, too.
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    Stem Cell Research

    stem cell research

    Turning a body cell back into a stem cell with just four genes? It sounds unbelievable, but Japanese scientist Shinya Yamanaka already achieved it 15 years ago. The Nobel Prize winner gave a talk at the University of Zurich on the current state of research and possible applications of his discovery.
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    Swiss Science Prize Latsis

    “Improved access to medicine and innovative technologies”

    Lawyer and medic Kerstin Noëlle Vokinger has been awarded the Swiss Science Prize Latsis, worth CHF 100,000. The award is made annually to a junior researcher under the age of 40. The professor of public law and digitalization at the University of Zurich is a woman of many talents. She studied law and medicine in parallel and earned doctorates in both disciplines.
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    UZH Diploma

    Doctor Einstein

    One hundred years ago, Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics. Zurich played an important role in the renowned scientist’s career – he was a student here, and in 1905 submitted his dissertation to the University of Zurich. Einstein’s doctoral certificate has now returned to the university and is on permanent display. The new display case containing the diploma was unveiled yesterday.
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    Albert Einstein

    The doctoral certificate of Nobel laureate Albert Einstein has returned to the University of Zurich thanks to a donation and is now on display in the entrance hall of UZH’s main building. The famous physicist obtained his doctorate from the University of Zurich in 1906.
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    Reproductive Medicine

    Surrogacy in Ukraine

    Advances in medical technology are expanding the possibilities for humans to have a child. Recently, two visiting scientists from Ukraine have been contributing their expertise to the URPP Human Reproduction Reloaded.
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    Swiss Science celebrates Hansjörg Wyss

    More than half a billion Swiss francs have been granted over 10 years to groundbreaking research projects in Switzerland within three different Wyss Centers or Academy in Zurich, Geneva and Bern. This makes entrepreneur and philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss one of the major private donors for Swiss science. Wyss was celebrated today as the laureate of the 2022 Gallatin Award of the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce. The laudatio was given by Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin.
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    Honorary Doctorate for Hanna Machińska

    A Lifelong Commitment to Human Rights

    Last Saturday, UZH awarded honorary doctorates to seven outstanding scholars, including Hanna Machińska, Poland’s deputy commissioner for human rights. The lawyer and social activist is currently campaigning to protect the rights of Ukrainian refugees in Poland.
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    UZH Teaching Award

    “Learning from one another”

    At the Dies academicus last Saturday, Classics scholar Christoph Riedweg was presented with the UZH teaching award. The award winner explains in this interview how he fires up students’ enthusiasm for his subject, and what he finds so interesting about Greek philology.
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    Dies academicus

    Five Women and Two Men Awarded Honorary Doctorates by UZH

    The University of Zurich celebrates its 189th anniversary virtually on Saturday, awarding honorary doctorates to ecumenist Dorothea Sattler, Polish human rights commissioner Hanna Machińska and gender medicine pioneer Vera Regitz-Zagrosek. Veterinarian Debbie Jaarsma, theoretical physicist Ruth Durrer, educational economist Eric Bettinger and forensic phonetician Peter French also received honorary degrees.
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    Finances and Human Resources

    Stefan Schnyder Resigns as Vice President Finances and Human Resources

    Stefan Schnyder will step down as Vice President Finances and Human Resources at the end of December 2022. Having served in this role for over 16 years, the 56-year-old engineer has decided to seek out a new professional challenge.
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    In the Spotlight

    A Lawyer of Many Talents

    Felix Uhlmann is an oft-cited expert in these Covid times. The Basel born and raised legal expert is also a well-connected culture vulture – and enjoys the occasional game of chess when he can find the time.
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    New University Library

    “Less about books than about people”

    For a year now, Rudolf Mumenthaler has been working behind the scenes and building up the new University Library Zurich. He will be the new library’s director from 2022. We asked him about his professional experiences, his most urgent tasks and his favorite books.