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  • Office Vice President Research

    Elisabeth Stark Nominated as New Vice President Research

    The UZH Senate nominated Professor Elisabeth Stark for the position of Vice President Research at its meeting on 10 December 2020. The Board of the University will finalize her appointment on 21 January 2021. More …

  • Equal Pay Analysis 2020

    Equal Pay Maintained at UZH

    At UZH, women earn practically the same as men who hold comparable roles. This is one of the findings of this year’s equal pay analysis, which was based on 11,200 data sets. More …

  • Sustainable UZH

    Roadmap for a Carbon-Neutral Future

    UZH aims to be a carbon-neutral institution in 10 years. The 2030 Implementation Strategy for the Sustainability Policy defines how this is to be achieved. We sat down with Lorenz Hilty, the UZH sustainability delegate, to talk about virtual conferences, sustainable research and making a peace deal with nature. More …

  • Digitalization

    "Great creative potential"

    The coronavirus pandemic has made us aware of the potential and limitations of working and studying digitally. UZH President Michael Schaepman and UZH Chief Information Officer Thomas Sutter talk about cyber risks, accelerated administration and online education. More …

  • Vision Campus Irchel 2050

    “A complete overview of what’s going on”

    The high-tech building for chemists is almost finished, and the design plan for expanding Irchel Campus is about to be approved. François Chapuis, Vice President Real Estate and Facility Management of UZH, talks about what’s going on on campus – before and behind the scenes. More …

  • Start of the semester

    “Things will be more routine and we’ll all be more confident”

    This Fall Semester will be particularly challenging for all UZH members – for students just as much as for instructors and everyone else working for the university. In this interview Gabriele Siegert, Deputy President and Vice President Education and Student Affairs, answers questions related to the start of the semester. More …

  • International Relations

    “Not only fostering quality, but making it visible as well”

    In August Christian Simm, the founder of the Swiss swissnex network in the United States, took over as the head of the International Relations Office. In this interview with UZH News he explains why he believes UZH could be doing a lot to gain greater international influence and recognition. More …

  • Research Integrity

    Assuring Transparency and Fairness

    UZH’s new integrity ordinance enters into force on 1 September 2020. It defines scientific misconduct and how to deal with it, with a particular emphasis on preventing misconduct by means of training and education. More …

  • Conversation with the new President

    “Giving people room for creativity”

    Encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration, streamlining regulations, and giving people the freedom to research: These are some of the goals Michael Schaepman hopes to achieve as new UZH President. More …

  • President ad interim

    Thank You, Gabriele Siegert!

    When Michael Hengartner stepped down, Gabriele Siegert took over the presidency of UZH on an interim basis on 1 February 2020. In two weeks, Michael Schaepman will take office as the new president on 1 August. The six months in between were quite a rollercoaster ride. Seven members of UZH look back. More …

  • Adapted On-Site Operations at UZH

    “We’re ready”

    Today, UZH returns to adapted on-site operations. What exactly does this mean for employees? Many questions were answered at last week’s virtual town hall meeting. More …

  • University Act

    Co-Determination Rights for All UZH Employees

    Updates to the University Act and University Statutes will go into effect tomorrow, reorganizing the bodies represented in the Extended Executive Board of the University and recognizing administrative and technical staff as a new representative body with voting rights. Both changes have been in the works for some time now. The organizational and management responsibilities of the faculties will also be strengthened as part of the Governance 2020+ program. More …

  • Perspective

    "We all have to work together"

    For three weeks now the university has been operating mainly via digital channels. The switch has happened quickly thanks to great joint efforts by all involved. Gabriele Siegert addresses UZH employees in a video from her office at home. More …

  • Coronavirus

    “We can also learn from this situation”

    UZH has seen unparalleled changes this past week. What's next? In this interview interim president Gabriele Siegert answers some of the many questions UZH staff and students are asking in the current extraordinary situation. More …

  • Election of New President

    Michael Schaepman Standing for Election

    The Board of the University has concluded the appointment process to fill the position of UZH President. The board is proposing Michael Schaepman as nominee to the Senate. More … 1 Comment

  • Michael Hengartner

    Six Great Years

    Last Friday, Michael Hengartner bid UZH employees adieu at a farewell apéro. We flick through the photo album and look back at a few memorable moments from his six-year tenure at the helm of the university. More …

  • Innovation

    Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture

    UZH already has a strong reputation for driving innovation. Entrepreneurship and innovation are now to be given even more of a boost to make students and junior researchers more aware of career paths outside the traditional routes, explains Michael Schaepman, Vice President Research. More …

  • Employee Survey

    Listening Closely

    This summer, UZH carried out its first-ever university-wide employee survey. The results of the survey show that the university offers a good working environment. However, there are some areas where UZH can still improve. Deputy President Gabriele Siegert and Stefan Schnyder, Director of Finances and Human Resources, give their opinion on the results in the following interview. More …

  • University Act

    Reorganization of Representative Bodies at UZH

    The Cantonal Parliament of Zurich has authorized the partial revision of the University Act, which includes among other things a reorganization of the “Stände” – the bodies represented in the Extended Executive Board of the University. Once the act enters into force, all students and employees of UZH will be informed in a personal e-mail about which representative body they belong to. More …

  • Internationalization

    Increased Presence on the International Stage

    The University of Zurich has much to offer – as a partner for international cooperation projects and as a destination for high-potential talent and top researchers from around the world. But the UZH brand is currently too little known in international academic circles. UZH has therefore decided to take concrete measures to boost its networks and get more exposure for its success. More … 1 Comment

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