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    International Collaboration

    Kyoto Symposium

    How can artificial intelligence help improve medical diagnoses? This was one of the topics of the joint symposium of UZH and Kyoto University, which ended successfully yesterday.
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    Looted Cultural Heritage Objects from Imperial-Era China

    The 1900/01 Boxer Rebellion in China resulted in countless looted objects that eventually ended up in museums and collections across the West. A new workspace exhibition at the Ethnographic Museum now shines a light on these objects.
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    Collecting and Selling as a Business Model and Relationship Building

    A workspace exhibition at the Ethnographic Museum examines the commercial collecting practices of Borys Malkin, using objects and contemporary documents that came to Zurich in 1969.
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    Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

    Looking at the Bigger Picture

    Covid infections are on the rise again. Time for UZH epidemiologists Milo Puhan and Viktor von Wyl to take stock and look ahead. With video.
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    World Biodiversity Forum

    Reversing the Trend

    At the World Biodiversity Forum in Davos this week, the focus is on how to slow down species loss and protect ecosystems. The UZH-organized conference aims to inspire action by bringing together researchers and practitioners.
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    Celebrations at the Brain Research Institute

    This week marks 60 years since the founding of the UZH Brain Research Institute. The institute has contributed to great leaps in our understanding of neuroscience, but the brain still holds many secrets.
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    Crypto Art

    Digital Ferraris

    Crypto art fever is lighting up tech communities and the traditional art world alike, fueling intense speculation. An interdisciplinary conference organized by UZH will examine the phenomenon from artistic, technological and legal perspectives.
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    Reproductive Medicine

    Surrogacy in Ukraine

    Advances in medical technology are expanding the possibilities for humans to have a child. Recently, two visiting scientists from Ukraine have been contributing their expertise to the URPP Human Reproduction Reloaded.
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    On Honeymoon? Ethnographic Museum Shines Light on Research into East Africa Collection

    A German couple goes on a honeymoon to East Africa and return with hundreds of objects, including everyday items, jewelry, musical instruments and tools. This collection is now stored in the Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zurich. The new workspace exhibition “Honeymoon?” provides insights into how research is conducted on these objects based on five key questions. The exhibition invites visitors to rethink their views on museum collections and adds to the ongoing discussion on provenance research.
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    Fossil Treasures of the Alpstein

    A new special exhibition at the University of Zurich’s Zoological and Paleontological Museum showcases sublime fossils found in the Alpstein massif in eastern Switzerland, taking visitors on a journey through time to the marine wildlife of the Cretaceous and Eocene more than 100 million years ago. The exhibition, conceived by the Natural History Museum in St.Gallen, is based on a book by UZH paleontologist Christian Klug and Peter Kürsteiner.
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    Institute for Global Negotiation

    diplomatic solutions

    This Thursday marks the launch of the Institute for Global Negotiation (IGN). Its founder, Jack Williams, explains why a negotiated solution appears to be so difficult to achieve in Ukraine.
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    "Planet Digital": Digital research and design join forces

    Self-learning algorithms, rare earths, and robots bestowing blessings: In the Planet Digital exhibition, organized by the University of Zurich and the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, innovative research teams meet up with creative minds from the fields of design and art. In around 25 installations, they invite visitors to experience the science of digitalization with all their senses.
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    Quantitative Biomedicine

    Bridging the Gap to Patients

    This week, the University of Zurich held a symposium to mark the newly established Department of Quantitative Biomedicine. The research institute strengthens UZH’s standing in the field of precision medicine. We met with its director Bernd Bodenmiller to discuss how the department’s methods can be used to benefit patients.
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    Global Science Film Festival

    The shortest distance between science and society is cinema

    Who benefits from a functioning ecological infrastructure? What do turtles have to do with human communication? Can protons and Indian classical dance be brought together? Answers to these and many other questions can be found at the Global Science Film Festival in Zurich's Filmpodium.
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    URRP Human Reproduction Reloaded

    Genetic Scissors and the Future of Humanity

    The CRISPR genetic scissors enable the genetic material of living organisms to be modified in a targeted manner. The discovery has enormous implications for science and society. The kick-off event of the University Research Priority Program (URPP) “Human Reproduction Reloaded | H2R” focused on the potential and dangers of CRISPR.
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    Swiss LGBTI-Label

    Diversity-Gütesiegel für die UZH

    The University of Zurich has received the Swiss LGBTI Label. The label certifies that UZH embraces a culture of openness, inclusion and appreciation towards LGBTI people.
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    AAAS Meeting

    Remote Sensing AAAS

    Next week, leading researchers from a variety of fields will come together at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The virtual conference will also feature a talk by UZH President Michael Schaepman on how remote sensing can help protect biodiversity.
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    35th Anniversary of the Senior Citizens University

    Birthday Year Rings in the Changes

    The Senior Citizens University of Zurich has had a busy anniversary year. Despite coronavirus, it is continuing to offer high-quality education for older people. From this semester, members can take part in live online lectures and connect with each other using a newly developed portal.
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    International Summer Schools

    Studierende überwinden geschlossene Grenzen

    The UZH International Summer Schools for Bachelor’s and Master’s students from around the world are currently taking place for the third time. The difference this year is that they are taking place entirely online. Students from a total of 54 different universities will learn about Switzerland, blockchain and more.
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    Universitas 21


    The University of Zurich was supposed to host this year’s meeting of Universitas 21 members on the topic of sustainable universities. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event has now gone digital.