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    Internationale Studierende

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

    A new semester has started, which means that many students and PhD candidates from abroad are currently arriving in Switzerland. The German courses at the Language Center offer them a gateway to Swiss culture.
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    Pride Months

    Loud and Proud

    The student association PolyUniQue, which represents the interests of the LGBTQIA+ community at UZH and ETH, has organized an array of activities to celebrate Pride Month. We asked board member Lilith Achermann what Pride Month means to her.
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    Sexual Harassment Awareness Day on 23 March

    Universities Unite Against Sexism

    Sexual Harassment Awareness Day takes place on 23 March. In this interview, legal scholars Brigitte Tag and Sina Staudinger explain what UZH is doing to protect its staff and students against sexual harassment.
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    CommUNIty Campaign

    Look Up – Speak Up – Step Up

    UZH has launched a new campaign to combat discrimination and foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation. Deputy President Gabriele Siegert introduces the campaign and gives tips on resolving conflict.
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    50 years of psychological counseling center

    “Seeking help with mental health problems is a strength”

    For the past 50 years, UZH and ETH’s Psychological Counseling Services have been supporting students experiencing mental health problems. In this interview, Cornelia Beck, Head of Psychological Counseling Services, explains whether students’ concerns have changed in that time, why more ETH than UZH students seek her help during their Master’s degrees, and what the universities would do well to rethink.
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    Pride Month

    Promoting Acceptance for Different Identities

    The University of Zurich provides an open and safe environment for people with different gender and sexual identities, as confirmed by the experiences of four students on the occasion of Pride Month. And yet, there is still room for further improvements.