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Citizen Science

A common cause: Citizen science refers to research collaborations between scientists and volunteers. Here we present examples and show what it takes for citizen science to succeed.

  • Citizen Science

    Research Fascinates Non-Academics Too

    Around half of the Swiss population is interested in actively taking part in academic research. Social and environment topics are among the most popular.. More …

  • Participatory Science Academy

    Citizen Science, Zurich Style

    This past Wednesday the University of Zurich and ETH jointly unveiled the new Participatory Science Academy, an expansion of the Citizen Science Center Zurich that aims to bring citizen science to a new level. The Academy is generously sponsored by the Stiftung Mercator Schweiz. More …

  • Competence Center UZH and ETH

    “Citizen science means excellent research”

    After an intensive set-up phase, the Citizen Science Center of UZH and ETH is now ready to hit the ground running. With the new Participatory Science Academy, it aims to bring citizen science to a new level. In this interview, co-director Mike Martin, professor of gerontopsychology at UZH, co-founder Effy Vayena, professor of bioethics at ETH, and managing director Rosy Mondardini explain the concept and future plans for the center. More …

  • Citizen Science

    Exhibition on Tour

    The UZH Graduate Campus’ citizen science exhibition has been shown abroad for the first time – at two universities in India. Rafael Küng and Barbara Strobl traveled to India with the exhibition to report on their UZH citizen science project. More …

  • Graduate Campus

    Friendly Wake-up Calls and Fine Tomatoes

    Gold rush fever in citizen science: yesterday participants at the LERU Doctoral Summer School 2017, organized by UZH’s Graduate Campus, presented a whole variety of ideas for future participatory research projects. More …

  • Citizen Science

    Research Tapping the Power of Citizen Science

    Citizen science has become a firm feature of established research. The University of Zurich has joined forces with ETH Zurich and the University of Geneva in a call for universally binding guidelines and principles for citizen science. More …

  • Citizens Science

    Citizens create knowledge

    Search for asteroids, observe birds or make the computing power of your own computer available: through ‘citizen science’, citizens can participate in various research projects. At a workshop hosted by ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich, scientists and other interested parties will discuss the conditions under which it can be achieved. More …

Dossier:7 articles