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Open Science

Open Science and Open Access provide free access to scientific publications and data. They enable fair exchange of methods and resources worldwide. The University of Zurich has been committed to Open Access since 2003.

  • Call for Proposals: Open Research Data

    “Great opportunity for open science”

    As part of the national Open Research Data Action Plan, swissuniversities is providing CHF 32 million for projects in the area of open research data. UZH vice presidents Elisabeth Stark and Christian Schwarzenegger see this as a great opportunity to integrate UZH's Open Science Policy into research practices. web.newslist.more

  • Open Science Policy

    An Open Future

    Legal expert Anne Schneuwly and molecular biologist Izaskun Mallona discuss what UZH’s new Open Science Policy means for their respective fields, together with Vice President Research Elisabeth Stark. The three scholars agree that the new policy increases transparency and quality. web.newslist.more

  • Policy Approved

    A Step Forward for Open Science

    The Executive Board of the University has approved the Open Science Policy. The guidelines are a further step toward establishing an open science culture as standard practice at UZH. web.newslist.more

  • An Ambassador for Open Science

    Melanie Röthlisberger provides students and junior researchers with the tools to navigate all things open science. The linguist has been working in the Data Services & Open Access team in the Main Library of the University of Zurich since February 2021. web.newslist.more

  • Open Access Negotiations

    Third Major Publisher on Board

    Negotiations between university libraries and publishing company John Wiley & Sons have come to a successful conclusion. With the new agreement, the services of all three major scientific publishers are now available in open access to UZH researchers. web.newslist.more

  • “We’re open. Are you?”

    Open Science Requires a Cultural Transformation

    To mark the start of International Open Access Week, UZH is launching the topic through an internal campaign and the rollout of the new Open Science Office website. The co-heads of the office, Manuela Höfler and Katherine Hermans, explain why open access in science is so important. web.newslist.more

  • Open Science

    Science Opens Up

    Open science is gaining momentum. According to Mark Robinson and Marc Thommen, the open science delegates newly appointed by UZH to support the transformation to greater cooperation, the movement will bring about major changes in the academic system. web.newslist.more

  • Open Access Strategy

    Negotiations with Publishers Partially Successful

    Aimed at promoting open access, the negotiations between swissuniversities and major publishing houses Elsevier, Wiley and Springer Nature have come to a largely successful conclusion. However, no agreement could be reached with Springer Nature. There are alternative ways of access, which we will present below. web.newslist.more

  • Open Access

    Information Campaign on Open Access

    Open access is gathering pace. The Swiss National Science Foundation’s strategic objective is for all the research findings it funds to be freely accessible from 2020 onward. The University of Zurich is stepping up the advice and training it offers on open access. web.newslist.more

  • Publications

    Open Access – at Breakneck Speed?

    Free access to all academic publications is the goal of the open access movement. But how quickly should academic publishing be transformed? UZH put this question up for debate at a well-attended panel discussion on Tuesday evening. web.newslist.more

  • Free Download

    “Open access publishing can’t be stopped”

    Professor of criminal law Marc Thommen has joined forces with 13 of his colleagues to bring out Switzerland’s first-ever textbook about law published in open access. The freely accessible publication can be downloaded online for free. web.newslist.more

  • Open Access

    “We’re negotiating open access”

    Thanks to the internet, academic publications are increasingly distributed and read online. But open access comes at a price. The Swiss universities are negotiating with the world’s three largest scientific publishers for fair – in other words affordable – terms of access. Michael Hengartner, president of swissuniversities and UZH, explains the background. web.newslist.more

  • Survey

    UZH Researchers Embrace Open Access

    Researchers at UZH welcome the shift towards open access publishing, which makes academic work available publicly for free. Around half of researchers already publish their work with open access, according to a comprehensive survey carried out by the Main Library of the University of Zurich. Besides a number of positive results, the survey also revealed a need for more information. web.newslist.more

  • Open Access

    Free-of-Charge Journals on HOPE

    The specialist journal for communications science SComS has recently been made available free of charge on UZH’s HOPE platform. The journal has moved from the renowned publisher Elsevier to the platform managed by the Main Library of the University of Zurich. web.newslist.more

  • Debate

    "Publication practice has to change"

    A deluge of scientific publications is pushing the system to its limits. Studies are questioning the reproducibility of results. In this interview, neuropsychologist Lutz Jäncke and systems biologist Lawrence Rajendran talk about the crisis in the publication process and new solutions such as the Matters of Reproducibility platform. web.newslist.more

Dossier:15 articles