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The world is undergoing a digital revolution. On 21 November 2017, Digital Day Switzerland will examine what this means for our country and our society. Here, we report on special events and presentations being staged by UZH for Digital Day.

  • Digital Day 2017

    Living in a Digitalized Society

    Bitcoins, artificial intelligence, privacy, health data, and games to adjust your moral compass – on the occasion of Digital Day at Zurich Main Station, UZH presented the possibilities of digitalization and discussed the implications of the digital revolution for society at large. More …

  • Geography

    Digital Pathfinders

    GPS and smartphones help us find our way quickly but to the detriment of our own sense of direction. UZH geographer Sara Fabrikant wants to combat this trend. More …

  • When Your Profile Comes Back to Haunt You

    The traces we leave behind each day through our computers and mobile telephones have a very long life. This can lead to unpleasant surprises when data is combined and abused, explains professor of business administration at UZH, René Algesheimer. More …

Dossier:3 articles