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The coronavirus crisis has turned our lives upside down and poses great challenges for scientific research. In our new "Zeitfrage - How Is Covid-19 Changing our Lives?" series, we shine the spotlight on various aspects of the pandemic.

  • Covid-19 Research

    Are We Immune Enough?

    There are still many unanswered questions around the coronavirus: How many people in Switzerland are immune? How long does immunity last? And how can high-risk patients be quickly identified and given the best treatment? Three UZH researchers told us in these video interviews about their search for the answers. More …

  • Coronavirus Pandemic

    Shopping with Maximilian

    The ShopSensor app determines which shop to go to at specific times to lower the risk of infection with COVID-19. The tool was developed by a PhD candidate at UZH’s Department of Geography in his spare time. More …

  • Pandemic Fund

    UZH Researchers in the Fight Against Coronavirus

    The UZH Foundation has launched a fundraising campaign for urgent research projects tackling the Covid-19 pandemic. The focus is on research into antibodies to determine immunity and improvements in treatment. More …

  • Libraries and the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Service Continues

    The UZH libraries and the Zentralbibliothek Zürich are currently closed. But behind closed doors, the librarians are working tirelessly to ensure students and teaching staff can get hold of the books, scanned copies and other media that they require. More …

  • Detecting Sars-CoV-2

    Virologists on the Frontline

    Staff at the University of Zurich’s Institute of Medical Virology have been working flat out and are now able to carry out around 800 to 1,000 coronavirus tests a day. Alexandra Trkola, who heads the institute, explains what determines the quality of a good diagnosis. More …

  • The University of Zurich’s New COVID-19 Test Center

    “We’re bridging a gap”

    On 30 March a new COVID-19 test center was opened on the premises of the UZH Center for Travel Medicine. In this interview with UZH News, Professor Jan Fehr, the director of the center, explains why a new test facility is important and who it is primarily geared to. More …

  • Perspective

    "We all have to work together"

    For three weeks now the university has been operating mainly via digital channels. The switch has happened quickly thanks to great joint efforts by all involved. Gabriele Siegert addresses UZH employees in a video from her office at home. More …

  • Coronavirus

    “We can also learn from this situation”

    UZH has seen unparalleled changes this past week. What's next? In this interview interim president Gabriele Siegert answers some of the many questions UZH staff and students are asking in the current extraordinary situation. More …

Dossier:8 articles