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Artificial Intelligence

It excites scientists, transforms industries and pervades our everyday lives: Artificial intelligence, or AI. We are fascinated and frightened by it in equal measure. Will it soon overtake us? What can we expect from it? And what are the dangers or pitfalls? We look for answers in our new "Zeitfrage" series.

  • AI and the Ideal Market

    How Markets Are Getting Smarter

    Computer scientist Sven Seuken uses artificial intelligence to design complex electronic markets that aim to benefit vendors and customers in equal measure. More …

  • AI and Health

    Doctor Digital

    Artificial intelligence is already commonplace in healthcare, lightening doctors’ workloads and helping them make medical decisions. The legal issues have yet to be resolved, however. More …

  • KI und Fairness

    Becoming Smarter Together

    From checking loan applications to selecting job applicants, decisions are increasingly being made with the aid of artificial intelligence. While AI doesn’t make them any fairer, it can make us wiser, says ethicist Markus Christen. More …

  • The Prejudices

    The Secret Life of Algorithms

    Algorithms sort the internet for us. The problem is, no one knows exactly how they decide. Information scientist Anikó Hannák is trying to change this. What she’s finding out in the process offers food for thought. More …

  • AI and Our Jobs

    Not Less Work, but Different

    Artificial intelligence is changing the way we work. Information scientist Abraham Bernstein predicts that it won’t make us redundant. But there will be new forms of collaboration between humans and machines that will open up new and interesting avenues. More … 1 Comment

  • Computers Are Not Curious

    People and intelligent machines learn in similar ways, says philosopher Hans-Johann Glock. Unlike humans, however, computers do not pursue their own goals – not yet, at least. More …

  • Artifical Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence Improves Biomedical Imaging

    Scientists at UZH and ETH Zurich are using artificial intelligence to improve the quality of images recorded through a relatively new biomedical imaging method. Their work paves the way for more accurate diagnoses and cost-effective devices. More …

  • Digitalization

    Appeal for Human Rights

    Developments in artificial intelligence are continuing apace, dramatically impacting our lives in the process. In his guest lecture at UZH, UN Special Rapporteur Philip Alston explains how human rights offer an important normative framework for regulating artificial intelligence. More …

  • UZH Digital Forum

    The Future of Work

    Are digitalization and automation making jobs disappear? Not according to American organizational theorist Thomas Malone, who gave a guest lecture at the UZH Digital Forum last week. More …

  • Technology and Philosophy

    The Hype Surrounding Artificial Intelligence

    What are the philosophical questions that we need to debate in connection with artificial intelligence? UZH sociologist of law Christoph Graber organized a workshop on this topic at UZH in cooperation with Harvard University. More …

Dossier:10 articles