• 11 articles Future of Science

    Open Science

    Open Science and Open Access provide free access to scientific publications and data. They enable fair exchange of methods and resources worldwide. The University of Zurich has been committed to Open Access since 2003. More …

  • 18 articles University Research Priority Programs

    University Research Priority Programs

    In order to underpin its excellent position among the world’s leading research institutions, the University of Zurich has established its University Research Priority Programs (URPP). Rooted in the University’s official policy to strengthen scholarship, the URPP create and promote academic networks in selected areas of research. More …

  • 3 articles Krieg in der Ukraine

    War in Ukraine

    In this dossier, we report on how UZH experts assess the current situation and how UZH supports teachers, researchers and students affected by the war. More …

  • 6 articles International Relations

    Global Engagement

    As an internationally renowned research and teaching institution, the University of Zurich is part of a dynamic global network. The UZH aims to further strengthen its global commitment to education and research by establishing and deepening cooperation with partner institutions and alumni worldwide. More …

  • 5 articles University Library Zurich

    New University Library

    The new University Library Zurich unites all UZH libraries and works closely together with the Zentralbibliothek Zürich. More …

  • 1 article

    Citizen Science

    A common cause: Citizen science refers to research collaborations between scientists and volunteers. Here we present examples and show what it takes for citizen science to succeed. More …